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This page features a combination of virtual and live in-person speaking events that Rohit has done over the past year.


A new 3 minute reel with some highlights from live and virtual speaking events over the past year for Rohit Bhargava – covering topics including trends, marketing, branding, innovation, creativity and digital disruption.


This was a unique 12-minute virtual keynote developed as part of a signature event from Terminus that brought together a group of top speakers to imagine how to reimagine the way that marketing works for the future.


Over the past several years, Rohit has become a fixture at SXSW. This was his packed keynote session from the event in 2019 where he took the stage directly after Elon Musk. He was scheduled for another Featured Session for the canceled 2020 SXSW event, which was trending as the highest-rated session at the entire show before COVID caused the organizers to cancel that year.


This was a live keynote presentation delivered for the INC 5000 Vision Conference in October, 2020. The live audience included thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners from around the world.


This was a live keynote presentation delivered for the SportsBiz Conference in August, 2020. The audience included mainly business owners and staff from businesses in the sports sector, including venues, gyms, and athletic organizations.


This was one of the last live keynote presentations from the stage that Rohit performed just a few weeks before the pandemic. It was in a large venue in Portugal at an event co-hosted by Microsoft and gathering thousands of tech professionals from across Europe.


In addition to his speaking at events, Rohit also produces and hosts a weekly interview show called the Non-Obvious Insights Show. It airs every Thursday and past visionary guests have included Daniel Pink, Beth Comstock and Guy Kawasaki.


This featured keynote presentation was for the Masters & Robots Conference, one of the biggest tech events of the year in Europe that went virtual for the first time this past year. The session was offered with translation into multiple languages for a global audience of 10,000+ viewers.

Marketing & Trend Keynote Speaker Reel (3 min):

This was Rohit’s speaking reel from the stage that was recorded mainly before the pandemic. It focuses on stage talks, but offers a good overview of Rohit’s speaking style and the type of content he shares.

NOTE – Scroll down to see link for the longer full 5 minute version of this reel.

What It Is Like To Work With Rohit | Testimonial (2 min):

A short testimonial from an event organizer and head of a large association who was kind enough to share her thoughts about working with Rohit for her live event.

SCHWAB IMPACT Keynote | How To Think Like An Innovator (38 min):

One of Rohit’s most popular live talks, for the SCHWAB IMPACT conference in Washington DC.

SXSW 2018 Keynote | How To Predict The Future (55 min):

This was Rohit’s first time on the big stage at SXSW, and the year that his popularity at that event exploded. The word of mouth and social media chatter from this talk started trending at the event, and attendees waited in line for more than an hour to watch his talk. He was immediately invited back to do an encore presentation a day later for his session, and the second room was also packed with people waiting in line for more than an hour.

SXSW 2019 Keynote | How To Predict The Future (55 min):

Based on the popularity of his session from the previous year, Rohit was invited back to SXSW again in 2019 to deliver a Featured Session, and his session was scheduled for the largest Ballroom at the Austin Convention Center (the same room used for sessions featuring Kim Kardashian, Hillary Clinton, Stephen Colbert and Melinda Gates). Like the previous year, his session was packed with lines for more than an hour, and once again he did an Encore Session. Additionally, given the large overlap of audience across years, Rohit worked hard to bring almost entirely new and different content to this second talk. Watching both talks, you will be able to see the difference and a perfect example of how Rohit is able to customize a talk for an event, even if a good amount of the audience has already seen him speak on a similar topic.

SXSW Sessions | 4 Megatrends That Matter In a Pandemic

After SXSW 2020 was canceled, the organizing team decided to invite a handful of speakers for the most popular sessions back to do a virtual version of their talk. Rohit’s session at SXSW had more than 5,000 people registered and was trending as the #1 most favorited talk from the entire event – and this virtual session is a version of the talk he would have given from the stage at SXSW.

TEDx | Reinventing Marketing With Storytelling (17 min):

This was Rohit’s first of three TEDx Talks, and his most popular. Despite being more than ten years old now, the points he shares about the power of storytelling are still as relevant today as they were when he first presented this session.

Unusual Conference | The Power Of Insignificance (7 min):

For the Unusual Conference, it was fitting that Rohit did something different from his signature presentation. Instead of sharing visuals and videos in his usual format, this was a seven minute story told directly from the stage without any slides or other materials. It was personal, short and completedly tailored for the event – a good example of Rohit’s willingness to try something new and do the work to produce something that he’s never done before.

AMAZING Conference | How To Be More Trusted (45 min):

This large and well produced event was focused on a large audience of entrepreneurs who sell products on Amazon.

Coca-Cola Conference | How To Predict The Future (45 min):

When Coca-Cola brought together their global team of more than 100 writers, editors and content creators from their marketing team for a corporate annual summit, they wanted a speaker who could connect the power of storytelling to the vision of marketing. For this, Rohit created a talk focused on how curation and learning how to identify trends could help the team to produce more insightful and compelling content.

Marketing & Trend Keynote Speaker FULL Reel (5 min):

This is the FULL 5 minute speaking reel, in case you want a longer introduction to Rohit than the 3 minute version offered!


A short launch video where Rohit Bhargava and his co-author Henry Coutinho-Mason talk about the idea behind their upcoming book The Future Normal (coming September, 2021).