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Why Virtual Events Don’t Work (And How To Fix Them):

Virtual Keynote – SXSW Sessions | 4 Megatrends That Matter In A Pandemic:

Virtual Keynote – Forbes Summit on Business Resilience | The Non-Obvious Way:

Marketing & Trend Keynote Speaker Reel (3 min):

NOTE – Scroll down to see link for the longer full 5 minute version of this reel.

What It Is Like To Work With Rohit | Testimonial (2 min):

SCHWAB IMPACT Keynote | How To Think Like An Innovator (38 min):

SXSW 2018 Keynote | How To Predict The Future (55 min):

TEDx | Reinventing Marketing With Storytelling (17 min):

Unusual Conference | The Power Of Insignificance (7 min):

AMAZING Conference | How To Be More Trusted (45 min):

Coca-Cola Conference | How To Predict The Future (45 min):

Marketing & Trend Keynote Speaker FULL Reel (5 min):