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Rohit Bhargava – Speaking Resources and Downloads for Event Planners

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Speaking: Rohit Bhargava – Resources and Downloads

Quick Link – Introduction Script + Pronunciation Guide For Rohit’s Name

Quick Link – Download A High Resolution Headshot of Rohit

List of links and useful downloads

  1. Full 4 Page Keynote Speaking Overview [PDF]
  2. Technical Rider + AV Requirements [PDF]
  3. On-Stage Introduction Script (To use when introducing Rohit) [PDF]
  4. Short Overview Of Rohit and Books Published [PDF]
  5. Quick Facts Bullet Points About Rohit Bhargava [PDF]
  6. Rohit Bhargava Hi-Resolution Headshots [FOLDER WITH JPGS]
  7. What Makes Rohit Different? [PDF]
  8. About the Non-Obvious Trend Series [PDF]
  9. Workshop: List Of Recommended Magazines [PDF]
  10. Workshop: Room Setup and Tech Requirements [PDF]

SUPER SHORT BIO – The “Just The Facts” Super Short Bio

Rohit Bhargava is innovation and marketing expert and the founder of the Non-Obvious Company. He spent 15 years as a marketing strategist for Ogilvy and Leo Burnett, is the #1 Wall Street Journal best selling author of six business books and also teaches marketing and innovation at Georgetown University.

SLIGHTLY LONGER BIO – The “Tight On Space” Short Bio

Rohit Bhargava a leading authority on marketing, trends and innovation. He is the Founder of the Non-Obvious Company and previously spent over 15 years leading advising large organizations on digital and marketing at two respected global agencies: Leo Burnett and Ogilvy. Rohit is widely considered one of the most entertaining and original keynote speakers on marketing disruption and innovation in the world. He is the #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of six books on topics as wide ranging as the future of business, building a human brand with personality, and why leaders always eat left handed. He has been invited to deliver sold-out keynotes and workshops to change the way teams and leaders think at the World Bank, NASA, Intel, LinkedIn, MetLife, Under Armour, Univision, Disney and hundreds of other well-known organizations. Rohit also teaches a popular course on marketing and storytelling at Georgetown University in Washington DC and writes a monthly column on trends for GQ magazine in Brazil.