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Hi, I’m Rohit!

I speak at events around the world on innovation, marketing, trust and leadership. The perspective of every talk is to bring “non-obvious” thinking and ideas to your group. In particular, there are two keynote talks that I deliver most often:

  1. How To Be More Innovative (And Actually Predict The Future) – A highly actionable talk where I revealing the key habits leaders and teams can use to see the world differently, be more innovative and even predict the future. This talk usually also includes insights from my original trend research published in my annual WSJ best-selling book Non-Obvious. Download the full description of this talk >
  2. How To Be More Trusted In A Skeptical World – We are living in the midst of a modern believability crisis that is affecting every organization in every industry. This talk will share what it takes for organizations and leaders to be trusted in a skeptical world. Ranging from teaching the power of storytelling to better leveraging social media, this talk can be tailored towards brand marketing teams, customer service, leadership or sales depending on your audience.  (Content based on a combination of insights from three of my books, Likeonomics, Personality Not Includedand Non-Obvious). Download the full description of this talk >


Wondering how an outside speaker will fit into the theme of your conference?  The following conference themes are just a few of the ones that tend to work best with the content I can bring to your event. Of course, I can work with any theme but these are a few of the most popular …

  1. Disruption & Preparing For The Future
  2. Trust & Being More Trustworthy
  3. Being Better Storytellers
  4. Creating a Culture Of Innovation
  5. Manage and Embrace Change


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Keynote Theme #1 – Innovation, Trends & Disruption


What if you could predict the future? It may not be as impossible as it seems. In this exclusive talk, participants will learn five “non-obvious” habits to curate ideas and see what others miss. Based on his #1 best selling annual trend series read by more than a million people online, Rohit Bhargava will also share some specific trends from his 9+ years of research that matter for your industry … along with highly actionable ideas for how to use them. Predicting the future is a learnable skill – and this keynote will reveal exactly how to do it. (Note – the selected trends in this talk are typically customized by industry and specifically chosen based on relevance for the audience).

Keynote Theme #2 – Trust, Marketing, Branding & Storytelling


We are living in a time when it is harder to earn trust than ever before. People skip ads, mistrust brands and believe government and institutions are manipulating them. People disagree on what “facts” actually are. So what does it take to build trust in the midst of this modern believability crisis?  This entertaining and funny talk will reveal the five fundamental secrets of building trust and what it really takes to stand out as real, human and trusted in an untrusting world – whether you are a leader trying to inspire a team, building a customer service oriented organization, changing the way you tell your brand story or driving more brand loyalty.


“Rohit’s presentation was one of the most successful in our chapter’s history … his presentation drew rave reviews for delivering real content in an entertaining and easily accessible style.”

– Matt Ross, American Marketing Association

“After a long day for our attendees, I was originally reluctant to have a post dinner address to our marketing executives. However, Rohit’s content and delivery had us hanging on his every word. He somehow feels the mood of the audience and tailors his message accordingly. This is not the first time we have used him, nor will it be the last.”

– Bob Houston, Richmond Events

“The best general session I have ever attended. Enjoyed the specific examples he gave. Far too often speakers pontificate or entertain, which is fun at the time, but then you don’t really use it afterward. I feel like I’ll actually use the things I learned from this session.”

– Attendee survey feedback, Association Marketing Conference

“”Rohit Bhargava has clearly embraced his own principles because the audience at Brand ManageCamp didn’t just like his session on “Likeonomics” – they loved it (and him). Rohit went above and beyond in making sure his topic to close Brand ManageCamp was valuable and memorable. He is that rare mix of scary-smart and super engaging and he is a pleasure to work with.”

– Len Herstein, Founder at Brand Manage Camp

“”When we asked Rohit to create a custom keynote and training video to teach our team about digital, we expected it to be educational. What Rohit managed to deliver blew us away! His content and style makes digital and social media approachable. His non-obvious trends were perfectly customized for the insurance industry and his content and delivery received rave reviews from our entire team.”

– Kaushal Shroff, Director of eMarketing at Prudential

“Rohit Bhargava is a master at weaving stories together on stage, taking the audience on a journey, all the while, teaching them about real marketing and business tactics. We’ve worked with Rohit many times and love having him speak at our events.”

– Jen Consalvo, Tech Cocktail

“Over and above being a fantastic speaker, booking Rohit also means you get a partner. Most speakers sign the contract and then perform. Rohit went over and above to help market his keynote, deepen attendee engagement and generate opportunities to build off his speaking engagement. On-stage he is mesmerizing as he guides the audience through trends in modern marketing drawing on his experience as an agency executive and working with 100s of brands.

– Paul Treanor, ad:tech

 “Rohit is a dynamic speaker, bursting with knowledge and examples about content creation/curation and the business value of likeability. He was one of the Vocus Conference favorites.”

– Brindisi Chan, Marketing Manager at Vocus

“Rohit’s talk was beautiful, validating, uplifting and contained so much truth. It was one of the best keynote presentations I have ever seen.”

– Attendee Feedback, SSATB Annual Conference

“Rohit took the time to understand his audience and this was KEY! He also invested time AFTER the session later in the day to thank those who tweeted about his session. And he went several steps further by engaging people in conversation who raised points or questions. Class act!”

– Attendee survey feedback, ASAE Marketing Conference

“#curiosity marketing panel is the best SXSW one yet. Like a kickass college class you can’t wait to go to. Rohit is like a Social Media Robin Williams.”

– @laurencook


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