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How To Select A Common Read For An FYE Program

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How To Choose A Common Read

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Selecting a common read for students as part of a first year experience program isn’t an easy task, and there are lots of different types of criteria schools can use. Our team spent time researching the publicly listed criteria used by more than 50 leading Universities and Colleges to develop the ultimate list of 12 qualities that most schools are looking for when selecting an FYE common read. Download one of the templates below to see the full twelve qualities along with useful scoring sheet you can download and share with your evaluating committee.

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About Always Eat Left Handed

This entertainingly irreverent book from Wall Street Journal bestselling author and occasional Georgetown University professor Rohit Bhargava filled is with brutally honest secrets of success no one has ever dared to tell you.

Start smoking? Be a cross-dresser? Procrastinate more? Make people cry? Learn to yodel?

Reading just a few of these “secrets,” you might wonder if this book is serious. Indeed, it is.

For anyone sick of hearing you should do what you love, take more risks and make mistakes, this empowering book is like a desperately needed pair of noise-canceling headphones for uselessly obvious advice. Instead, Always Eat Left Handed offers a real world, no-nonsense playbook for getting ahead in school, work and life by doing exactly the opposite of what most people tell you. Starting, of course, with eating left handed.

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Case Study – AELH at Nova Southeastern University

Last year, NSU worked with Rohit Bhargava to use Always Eat Left Handed as the common read for their FYE program. In addition to assigning the book, we also collaborated to create the “Always Swim Left Finned” student film festival, had multiple online events throughout the semester and worked together to create an awards show at the end of the semester.  Here are a few links to learn more about the experience:

NSU – Always Swim Left Finned Highlight Video from Rohit Bhargava on Vimeo.

Georgetown University Video Series – Advice From Always Eat Left Handed

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