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The Best Creative Ideas From Cannes

All week I have been reading stories of award winning creative advertising from Cannes (see all the winners here), and so I wanted to share several insights this week from a few of my favorite award winning campaigns this year. Encouraging Black Travelers To #GoBackToAfricaFor years chants “go back to Africa” have been used by

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How Travel Inspires Better Thinking

It was a delight this week to see my friend Philippe Brown interviewed about the work he does to create luxury travel experiences for his clients. His insights on the importance of crafting the anticipation of travel, AI-enhanced experiences, using video game design to create a dramatic arc for travel and the role of behavioral

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Why Powerpoint Isn’t The Problem (And It Never Was)

6 Stories To Make You Rethink What You Think

Prosperity Preachers, HBO’s “Feel Terrible” ...

Why HBO’s Chernobyl Is The Feel-Terrible Hit Everyone NeededLike over six million viewers I have been completely engrossed in the storytelling of this startlingly accurate hit mini-series about the 80’s era nuclear disaster. The lessons for today are profound and despite casting that oddly seems to avoid any actual Russian actors in lead roles, the five episode series is

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The One Reason So Many Brand Pranks On April Fools Day Faile ...

How The Non-Obvious Trend Of “RetroTrust” Starte ...

Digital Undertakers, On-Demand Grandkids And Other Jobs Of T ...

Samsung’s Quiet Innovation, Men’s Makeup and Why ...

Samsung’s Quiet Innovation That Everyone Ignored This week Samsung launched the world’s first folding phone. They also defied Apple and Google by keeping the 3.5mm headphone jack. This seemingly insignificant choice might be the cleverest part of the entire launch. Sometimes the most “innovative” thing you can do is deciding what NOT to change.  Scientists Find

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The Real Reason Influencers Make So Much Money

Everyone wants to be an online influencer, because it seems to pay well, but who is really benefiting? This article from the USA Today actually takes the unusual step of trying to reverse engineer a “rate” for influence and ended up with an estimate of “up to $100 for every 10,000 followers per sponsored post.” The amount

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