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3 Non-Obvious Insights From the Launch of Disney+

It would have been hard for you to miss the launch of Disney’s new streaming service, which reportedly already passed 10 million subscribers just a day into launch and already inspired Netflix to announce new partnerships. Of the many articles about the launch, here were three that I found particularly interesting … Dated content may come

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Alexa Is Five Years Old, So Why Does She Still Suck?

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6 Marketing Lessons From Ed Sheeran

There is a moment during a show at the Austin City Limits where Ed Sheeran finally starts to perform his biggest hit at the time: Shape of You. About 10 seconds into the performance, he breaks a guitar string. Watching what he does next is a master class in stage presence, preparation and perhaps the

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Is Social Media Making It Impossible To Grow Up?

It should be a basic human right to remember the past with fondness as being better than it actually was. Unfortunately, for today’s generation of young people, this may already be impossible. “Can one ever transcend one’s youth if it remains perpetually present?” asks author Kate Eichhorn. As they grow up online, an underappreciated side

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