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IKEA To Sell Some Products Via Other Retailer Sites

It is sadly rare to see a brand that is truly great at self-disruption but IKEA is one worth watching. They made the bold announcement this week that they would pilot test shipping products via other retailer sites instead of only their own. Combined with its recent acquisition of TaskRabbit and their experimentation with augmented reality, the brand

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DelivAir Launches Drone-to-Hand Delivery (Literally)

Google Buys Apple, Smart Hacker Probably Makes Millions

Adventure Tape Tries To Create The Next Duct Tape

5 Amazing Examples of the Future of Storytelling

Every year in October, I visit Staten Island to participate in the Future of Storytelling Festival (FoST). This week I tried 3D audio recording headphones, watched a performance with music created by artificial intelligence, played a voice controlled sci-fi game and shared ideas with storytellers from some of the biggest brands in the world. This article is a compilation

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Adidas Launches Beer And Vomit-Proof Oktoberfest Sneakers

Utah Ski Resort Embraces Its One Star Rating In Clever Print ...

Kingsman 2 Director Is Annoyed Trailer Gives Away Too Much

Uber Lets Drivers Tell You Why You Deserve A 1 Star Ranking

French Chef Asks To Be Stripped Of Three Michelin Stars