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The Rule of Recency – Why Updating Content Matters

Who wants to be an Interactive Marketer?

In a MarketingVox piece posted today, Jennifer Nastu explores the relative importance and respect offered to interactive marketing professionals in both the marketing world, as well as in "mainstream agencies."  I work at a mainstream agency right now.  I have worked in pure interactive agencies in the past.  The question is, has a rise in

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Getting the Domain Name You Always Wanted

Between 5 to 7 years ago, domain name registration was hot as a get-rich-quick scheme.  People were registering large groups of domain names, random acronyms, common words, brand names, and anything else they could think of in the hopes that a large organization would come along, need the domain name and pay thousands or even

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Linking to the "Deep Web"

There is a part of the Internet that is closed to public eyes, available only to subscribers and registered site users — the "deep web."  Media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal have made moves toward a new revenue model recently by placing content behind subscriber-only barriers, a move that a recent Technorati report

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Read On – Why Print Magazines will Survive

All Marketers are Bullshitters?

Mastering the art of bullshit used to be a badge of respect in college.  After all, who wouldn’t want to have the ability to write endlessly about a topic without having to really ever say anything?  I suppose it prepares people well for the business world where this type of nonsensical writing is often expected. 

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6 Smart Agency Rules for Winning Presentations

One of the best takeaways from the Ad-Tech conference a few weeks ago for me was a point Guy Kawasaki made in his very entertaining keynote presentation about his 10/20/30 rule for marketing revolutionaries on using powerpoint. 10 slides 20 minutes 30 point size minimum Very simple stuff (though surprisingly tough to stick to) –

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Local Radio Station Websites and The Death of Y100

Announcing a Blog Social Network Experiment

Connecting with an influential group of individuals is a necessary component of every viral marketing campaign.  In any social network, there are the groups of individuals Malcolm Gladwell calls the "Mavens" – who will evangalize a point of view to all in the network because they believe in it or because they think it is

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The Personal Reputation Tourism Phenomenon

I love the concept of financial tourism – a term referring to the act of logging into an electronic bank account to "visit" your money … just to check and verify that it’s still there.  But what about personal reputation tourism — the idea that some Internet users are spending minutes each day, hours each

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