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Getting the Domain Name You Always Wanted

Between 5 to 7 years ago, domain name registration was hot as a get-rich-quick scheme.  People were registering large groups of domain names, random acronyms, common words, brand names, and anything else they could think of in the hopes that a large organization would come along, need the domain name and pay thousands or even

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Linking to the "Deep Web"

There is a part of the Internet that is closed to public eyes, available only to subscribers and registered site users — the "deep web."  Media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal have made moves toward a new revenue model recently by placing content behind subscriber-only barriers, a move that a recent Technorati report

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Read On – Why Print Magazines will Survive

All Marketers are Bullshitters?

Mastering the art of bullshit used to be a badge of respect in college.  After all, who wouldn’t want to have the ability to write endlessly about a topic without having to really ever say anything?  I suppose it prepares people well for the business world where this type of nonsensical writing is often expected. 

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6 Smart Agency Rules for Winning Presentations

One of the best takeaways from the Ad-Tech conference a few weeks ago for me was a point Guy Kawasaki made in his very entertaining keynote presentation about his 10/20/30 rule for marketing revolutionaries on using powerpoint. 10 slides 20 minutes 30 point size minimum Very simple stuff (though surprisingly tough to stick to) –

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Local Radio Station Websites and The Death of Y100

Announcing a Blog Social Network Experiment

Connecting with an influential group of individuals is a necessary component of every viral marketing campaign.  In any social network, there are the groups of individuals Malcolm Gladwell calls the "Mavens" – who will evangalize a point of view to all in the network because they believe in it or because they think it is

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The Personal Reputation Tourism Phenomenon

I love the concept of financial tourism – a term referring to the act of logging into an electronic bank account to "visit" your money … just to check and verify that it’s still there.  But what about personal reputation tourism — the idea that some Internet users are spending minutes each day, hours each

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Social Networks and Blogs to Save a Life

The response over the past few days in support of Shari has been immense across the Blogosphere — a stunning example of the power of this new consumer generated world to rival and even surpass traditional media outlets in reach and influence.  To help visualise this sphere of influence, Valdis Krebs has kindly provided a

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Shari Needs Our Help

Shari Kurzrok, a friend and colleague of mine is in need of an immediate liver transplant over the next few days or else she will die.  Please help by visiting the blog we set up for her at and spreading the word across the PR and Advertising community and beyond.  Excerpt from the blog:

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