• Japanese Hotel Has First Round Of Robot Layoffs
    I first wrote about the Henna hotel, staffed entirely by robots, more than two years ago. It seems that the experimental property in Japan has discovered a hopeful truth: people sometimes prefer people. And so it may also be the first example in history of robots being laid off.  
  • Why Data Overload May Be Killing The U.S. Educational System
    There is such a thing as too much data and this well argued piece from HBR points out the folly of our over reliance on data and how it has led to a decrease in the quality of learning for American kids. A worthwhile read.
  • Inside the Abandoned Turkish City Of Empty Castle Homes
    What happens when a bold real estate bet goes wrong? You end up with $205 million of Disney-esque castle homes sitting empty because the anticipated foreign buyers never came. It’s sad, silly and you won’t be able to stop browsing this photo gallery of someone’s unfulfilled dream.
  • Why Singapore’s Famous Street Food Might Be Disappearing
    The street hawkers in Singapore and their iconic cuisine may be slowly dying because many experienced vendors are retired without ever having passed on their skills to the younger generation. Maybe we need to start treating artisans as endangered species, just like animals or languages.
  • Asymmetrical Jeans Might Be 2019’s New Denim Trend
    As many of you know, I have long been a fan of Unperfection … and so this story about “asymmetrical jeans” really spoke to me and pointed out that the fashion conventions of the future are likely to deconstruct and reimagine what we know far more than we often appreciate.