Every good marketing plan I have ever seen has the same piece of critical information to answer the biggest question of all: who is our target market? This is not about creating useless age demographics to segment an audience by what you think you can measure. It is about painting an idea of who the main person is that you want to reach about your product. Let’s say it’s a mom of a five year old boy. Once you highlight this main customer, your marketing focuses on how to reach them. That’s the traditional model.

What if you could, instead, focus on your most underappreciated customer target? The one that none of your customers are chasing. The one that is open to what you’re selling, and would love to hear about it, but no one is focused on telling them. For that same five year old boy, let’s assume that person is his favourite aunt. The one he loves to see and idolizes. The one without kids who has plenty of money to spend on him, and loves to see him as well.

Thankfully, there is now a site called Savvy Aunties for all those aunties out there, which offers something to the forgotten demographic of women who love kids and have them in their life, but aren’t moms. That’s an example of focusing on an underappreciated demographic. Of course, their whole site is about these women … but it does raise an interesting question for you to consider. Who are your savvy aunties, and are you doing enough to reach them?