I recently release two things that I have never before put online and wanted to share them with all of you who read my blog on this Friday post.  The first is a presentation on Slideshare that takes you inside the story of how I sold and wrote my book in a visual presentation inspired by some of the work by folks like Garr Reynolds and Nancy Duarte.  The second is an exclusive link to download the entire Chapter 6 from Personality Not Included, which also has never before been available online.  Hopefully Chapter 6 gives you some nice train reading for your commute home this Friday evening in case you haven’t already picked up a copy of PNI, and I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts/feedback on the presentation below. 

*Based on a comment I already have, I’m planning to release another version of this presentation solely focused on what the book is about instead of the "making of" and will likely share that on Sunday before getting back to my regular blogging schedule (which is thankfully unrelated to pushing the book) on Monday.