You may not realize this, but tomorrow is World Creativity and Innovation Day (CID). CID was first celebrated in 2001 after a decade of collaboration between four Canadian faculty members at the Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) in Buffalo, NY. It is now a global event that celebrates humanity working together to use creativity and innovation to solve some of the big challenges the world faces. As part of the celebration, a company called Metamemes is offering a promotion around their product for organizations called the ThinkCube.  Some of you may remember I posted a review about this product several months ago, recommending it as an ideal solution for managers or creative thinkers charged with helping their organizations to be more creative.

Right now, the good folks over at Metamemes are running a promotion where you will get a free copy of Personality Not Included with every ThinkCube! I spoke with Kes, the founder of Metamemes, about the promotion and we agreed that it is a great partnership of products because each of our efforts are focused on very similar goals. Our common challenge is to provide the tools to let passionate individuals change the organizations within which they work and rethink the work they do. This is all about creativity and innovation – so join me in celebrating CID tomorrow, and pick up a ThinkCube if you think it might work for your organization.