SXSW Swag: 25 Marketing Ideas From The Big Bags

As anyone who has been to SXSW (a huge music, film and interactive conference happening now in Austin, TX) knows, after you have registered for your badge, you have the chance to go downstairs to a different room where you will pick up your "big bag."  It’s the canvas bag with all the brochures, flyers,

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The New Truth of "Circular Public Relations"

Everyone you talk to in the public relations industry knows that the field is evolving.  The most often cited proof people point to is the fact that consumers have more power to share opinions with one another and the idea that "media" is shifting to include content created by regular people.  If you do happen

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Trained Messengers at the Wharton Business Tech Conference

I spent the day this past Friday speaking and participating in the Wharton Business Technology Conference in Philadelphia where I moderated a panel all about the future of marketing and interactive media. For those of you who have been following my last few events, you know that many of the more recent ones have been

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