Imb_tappening Here is an interesting thought for a Friday afternoon: what if tap water had a brand?  When you think about it, all any kind of bottled water is doing is selling you a brand for something that is arguably no different than what you can get for free from the tap in most industrialized countries.  In fact, some arguments point out that tap water can even be healthier than bottled water because of the increased regulations around its filtration from many governments.  In a brilliant campaign to try and solve tap water’s "branding problem" – Eric Yaverbaum and Mark DiMassimo are taking a marketer’s approach to solving the world’s increasing love affair with overpriced resource-sucking water bottles that are simply ending up in landfils.

Markeric Their idea is a simply yet powerful one … that if people had a brand to associate with tap water and could visibly share that brand as a badge of honor, then they would.  Thus they created Tappening, an initiative that encourages people to "Think Global.  Drink Local."  The effort has a small website, and sells water bottles for $14.95 each.  It is also linked to a film about our incessant creation of landfill mass called Garbage!  Check out the site and the effort … it’s a great example of a green campaign taking on a cause by doing something that many cause related campaigns forget: creating a brand that people can get passionate about.

(via TrendCentral)