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Rohit Bhargava is a trend curator, founder of the Influential Marketing Group, and the author of five best selling business books. His popular keynotes have inspired audiences from 50 to 5000 people to create more human organizations. Rohit has been featured as a two time TEDx speaker, been invited to present at the World Communication Forum in Davos and appeared at hundreds of other events in 27 countries around the world. In addition to his keynotes, he has conducted dozens of private brand strategy, social media, content marketing and storytelling workshops and masterclasses for some of the largest brands in the world.

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A Little More About Rohit:

His expertise comes from directly working with over 100 real brands through more than 10 years leading creative teams at two of the best known marketing agencies in the world (Ogilvy & Leo Burnett) as well as through his current independent consulting work as the founder of the Influential Marketing Group. Rohit routinely combines humor with actionable advice and since publishing his first book globally in 8 languages, has been invited to speak at TEDx on Reinventing Marketing, in Davos at the World Communications Forum and at private events for some of the world’s largest organizations.

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He second book called Likeonomics is already a #1 Global Marketing best seller and has been featured in the NY Times, Harvard Business Review, and NPR.  He is currently accepting speaking engagements for all of 2014.

On stage at over 100 industry events, Rohit has served as moderator and host, interviewed pioneering celebrities and delivered solo keynote sessions on some of the most prestigious stages of the world.  He has shared the stage with notable business and entertainment personalities such as Craig Newmark (founder of Craigslist), Doug Ulman (CEO, LiveStrong), Tim Ferriss (Author), and Ariana Huffington (Author).

In addition, Rohit has also conducted private training seminars and workshops for many of the world’s largest and most forward thinking brands including American Express, Pfizer, Intel, IBM, SABMiller, Boehringer Ingelheim, Pepsi, Swisshotel, Heineken, World Bank, and Unilever.

His most memorable qualities as a speaker, however, are his unpretentious presence at events, genuine ability to answer audience questions directly (based on real industry knowledge) and dedication to sharing insights instead of obvious truths.

VIDEO: TEDx – “Reinventing Marketing”

My most popular TEDx talk focuses on the power of storytelling and why marketers need to get better not only at storytelling, but also as creating narratives that people can actually share easily.  A great story is entertainment. A great story that influences someone to change their belief or behaviour, and that gets retold easily to others is great marketing.

10 Reasons To Invite Me To Speak:

  1. I am a visual speaker. That means no boring bullet points, long winded rambling or underhanded sales pitches. Instead I use lots of images and stories to engage the audience.  Here’s what one of my presentations looks like.
  2. My goal is to be entertaining AND useful. It’s not that hard to get a speaker that can do one or the other. It’s rare to find one that does both.
  3. No canned lectures. I customize my topic for each event I speak at, which means you’re going to get a unique point of view that is tailored to your audience.  In addition, before any talk – I will spend as much time as it takes listening to your requirements and understanding what your audience is really looking for.
  4. Non-obvious content. You won’t hear the same old advice from me in a speech that other speakers might offer. I have presented to rooms full of hard social media skeptics and directly after visionary speakers – and never have feedback that people heard the same thing twice.
  5. Unexpected real life examples.  In every talk, I use a combination of brand stories and anecdotes from global history to bring the lessons in my talk to life. My books have more than 100 case studies and examples of real companies, and my presentations take the same example-centric approach.
  6. Marketing focus, not social media hype focused. Unlike many other speakers who call themselves “gurus,” I am a marketing guy first and foremost … which means I don’t suffer from “social media blindness.” My perspective on social media is refreshingly honest. I will share exactly where it might work, and also candidly talk about where it can be an overhyped waste of time and resources.
  7. Versatility in different formats. I am equally comfortable delivering a keynote speech to thousands, leading interactive discussions with small or mid-size groups, or participating in an on-stage Q&A with big personalities.  I can keep the attention of a large audience, but also often facilitate workshops and teach classes … so I don’t need the big stage for my ego. Instead, I can focus on adding value and engaging your audience in the best possible format.
  8. Inter-disciplinary industry expertise. Over the past ten years of my consulting career, I have worked with clients in just about every industry vertical – including technology, travel, consumer, healthcare, banking, nonprofit, media & entertainment, retail and communications. I don’t specialize in a single industry – I focus on bringing inter-disciplinary lessons across multiple industries into every one of my talks.
  9. Global examples & not US-centric. Over the past ten years, I have worked on just about every industry vertical you can imagine. Last year the topics for 3 back to back events I participated in were Luxury Marketing, rise of technology in Africa and social media for pharmaceutical companies. When speaking to a specific industry or country, I will always customize my examples to make sure audience members walk away feeling the presentation was relevant for them.
  10. I will BE part of your event. I talk often about approachability and to me that means being part of an event and spending time to get to know an audience. I’m not the kind of speaker that rushes to the airport 5 minutes after they get off stage. The success of your event matters to me, which is why I will use my social networks, blog and any other connections I can to help boost attendance or increase engagement from your audience.

VIDEO: My Big Idea And Why It Failed: A Talk On Entrepreneurship

Given during the week of launching Likeonomics, I shared several stories I never told publicly in this talk, including my greatest failures and what I learned from them … as well as some of the techniques I used during launch week to help propel Likeonomics to become a global best seller.  For anyone who is an entreprener, loves to hear stories of failure AND success, or anyone looking to launch a product or book, I promise you’ll enjoy this one!

VIDEO: Americans For The Arts – KEYNOTE

For an audience of several hundred theater and museum managers, I heavily customized this talk to include relevant examples and draw on my own personal experiences of working in the theater in my youth.  This is a good example of how I will work hard to find relevant connections to adapt my presentations for the audiences I am in front of.  As part of this keynote, I also collaborated with the organizers to produce a limited edition ebook for attendees of the event.  All of this was done under a single speaking fee.

VIDEO: VOCUS DEMAND SUCCESS – “The Art And Science of Likeability”

VIDEO: BRANDSCONF – “Creating More Human Brands”

What People Are Saying …

“Rohit’s presentation was one of the most successful in our chapter’s history … his presentation drew rave reviews for delivering real content in an entertaining and easily accessible style.”
– Matt Ross, American Marketing Association

“The knowledge he holds in his head is like gold dust for any PRO trying to create a credible digital marketing strategy. In 30 minutes, he taught PRWeek more about how information is disseminated on the internet than most people learn in a decade of being a web consumer.”
– Alex Black, PRWeek UK

“Rohit Bhargava is a master at weaving stories together on stage, taking the audience on a journey, all the while, teaching them about real marketing and business tactics. We’ve worked with Rohit many times and love having him speak at our events.”
- Jen Consalvo, Tech Cocktail

“#curiosity marketing panel is the best SXSW one yet. Like a kickass college class you can’t wait to go to. Rohit is like a Social Media Robin Williams.”
– @laurencook

“Rohit is a dynamic speaker, bursting with knowledge and examples about content creation/curation and the business value of likeability. He was one of the Vocus Conference favorites.”
– Brindisi Chan, Marketing Manager at Vocus

“Rohit’s blog is intellectual and educational.”
– Wall Street Journal

“Rohit took the time to understand his audience and this was KEY! He also invested time AFTER the session later in the day to thank those who tweeted about his session. And went several steps further by engaging people in conversation who raised points or questions via twitter. Class act!”
- Attendee survey feedback, ASAE Marketing Conference

“I’ve enjoyed hearing Rohit speak many times over the years. His perspective is refreshing in a world of many well-meaning but generic speakers. Rohit though is the opposite of generic! I am regularly impressed at just how different and customized every one of his talks are. He brings distinct clarity of mind, warmth, and humor to audiences, all anchored in his deep expertise for marketing and business.”
-Jill Foster, public speaker, storyteller, and blogger at

“His talk reminded us that we’re not just in the business to sell tickets to our product, but to tell our story and engage us as people.”
- Attendee survey feedback, Americans For The Arts

“Rohit was a great keynote and added an element of needed business strategy to the Demand Success 2013 line-up. His session was lively, and forgive the double entendre, likeable. Most importantly, our attendees walked away thinking about new ways to invigorate their businesses.”
- Geoff Livingston, author and content planner for Demand Success 2013

“Rohit’s ability to simplify and portray marketing tactics that any marketer can implement resonated with our audience, as shown by the number of live social posts during his session. Not only is he credible, but he’s also practical and authentic.”
– Stacey Miller, Social Media Manager

“I had an organic understanding of a few of these but [Rohit’s] explanations were enlightening and I will be able to better put these concepts into practice now.”
– Webinar participant feedback

“The best general session I have ever attended. Enjoyed the specific examples he gave. Far too often speakers pontificate or entertain, which is fun at the time, but then you really don’t use it afterward. I feel like I’ll actually use things I learned from this session.”
- Attendee survey feedback, ASAE Marketing Conference

VIDEO: ONLINE WEBINAR – “7 Surefire Signs Your Social Media Strategy Will Fail”

VIDEO: ePatients Conference – “Past, Present and Future of Healthcare”