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ePatient 2015 – 15 Surprising Trends Changing Health Care (NEW!)

- #1 Preventive Medicine Best Seller
- #1 Health Insurance Best Seller
- Featured on Bloomberg Television

Health Care’s Future is About More Than Who is Paying for It

“A fascinating and groundbreaking look at how technology and empowered patients are fundamentally changing health care – and a vitally important reminder that the future of health care is about more than who pays for it.”

Written by best selling author Rohit Bhargava (Likeonomics) and noted digital health futurist Fard Johnmar, ePatient 2015 combines groundbreaking original research with insights from pioneers of the digital health movement to offer a road map for patients, caregivers, providers, and business professionals seeking to understand the future of health care.

Taking a global view, the book brings readers on a journey from the robotics labs of Japan to a tiny Dutch city using data to revolutionize breast cancer treatment. These are the stories that bring 15 bold new trends shaping the future of health care to life, including “The Over-Quantified Self,” “CareHacking,” “MicroHealth Rewards,” and “Multicultural Misalignment” to name a few.

- The Over-Quantified Self: How Big Data may deliver “feel good” stats rather than real actionable health advice
- Multicultural Misalignment: Why it is critical that health innovators develop products that address differences in age, ethnicity, and culture
- MicroHealth Rewards: What game theory teaches us about changing health behavior and why rewards (or punishments) work—or don’t
- CareHacking: The surprising ways patients are using digital tools to get better, lower cost, and faster care

Whether you spend most of your time inside the health care system, or happen to be among the billions of people who will end up using it one day, ePatient 2015 paints a surprisingly unique, optimistic, and clear-eyed vision of health care’s future, and how anyone can get ready for it.


Always Eat Left Handed – 15 Surprisingly Simple Secrets Of Success

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- #1 Self Help Best Seller
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Most advice is obvious, and often delivered by people who are hopelessly romantic about the power of their own mistakes. For example, here are the four most commonly shared themes that define dozens of the world’s most popular and widely shared commencement speeches:

Make mistakes. Do what you love. Take risks. Never give up.

Sure, it’s all pretty good advice – but what would you do differently tomorrow after you heard it? For anyone who has ever been frustrated with obvious or broad advice and wants something a little more … useful – this book will help. Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn in this ebook:

- Why do leaders never eat cauliflower?
- Can wearing jeans really make you more successful?
- What does playing the cello have to do with Steve Jobs?
- How can interrupting often actually improve your conversations?

This book has the answers to those questions and more. Through 15 unexpected lessons and entertaining story-filled tips, readers will learn the new secrets of success – curated and shared by the best selling author of three books on how being more human is the ultimate competitive advantage in today’s world.

Most of all, the tips in this book will change how think about your own success and give you CONCRETE lessons (3 actionable tips per chapter) on how to actually put the secrets to work in your own life.

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The 2013 Non-Obvious Trend Report

- #1 Marketing Research Best Seller on Amazon
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How much will trends affect your business in 2013? This #1 Amazon Best Selling ebook has the answer. Curated by marketing expert and Amazon best selling author of Likeonomics Rohit Bhargava – this ebook will tell you:

1. What are the top 15 trends that matter in business for 2013?
2. Who do they matter for?
3. How can you use them for your business?

Over the past ten years, Rohit has led marketing strategy at two of the largest and most respected marketing agencies in the world – Leo Burnett and Ogilvy. He has recently started his own agency, and this is the first publication from that group.

In addition to consulting, Rohit teaches Global Marketing at Georgetown University in Washington DC and focuses on bringing more humanity back to business. What does that mean for this report? This report features the same no-nonsense writing style with personality that made his first two books (Personality Not Included & Likeonomics) global best sellers.

Every reader who purchases this book will also receive a secret password to download several PDFs of free content, including:

- Full 100 page visual trend report for 2013 featuring 3 BONUS TRENDS
- Access to previous reports for 2011 and 2012
- Free chapter download from Rohit’s first book
- Another special bonus download (sshh, it’s a secret!)

15 Marketing Trends In 2013 And How Your Business Can Use Them from Rohit Bhargava


- #1 Marketing Best Seller
- Shortlisted for 800CEORead 2012 Best Marketing/Sales Book Award

Every day amazing products fail, qualified candidates don’t get hired and world changing ideas die. The fact is, having the best resume or the strongest list of features doesn’t always guarantee success.  Welcome to the world of Likeonomics, where deals are made on golf courses, likeability often trumps competence and the most important skill anyone can learn is how to build deeper and more trusted personal relationships in business and life.

Likeonomics is book about how likeability is the secret to building real trust.  But it is NOT about just being nice.  By weaving together cutting edge psychological research with real life stories of everything from the shocking moment when Oprah gained the trust of a nation to the unusual tourism policies of the Bhutanese government, Likeonomics offers a convincing argument for why likeability matters more than ever in a social media enabled world.

Whether you are trying to grow your business, win an election or find your next job – and this book will help you do it.

Personality Not Included

- Gold Atticus Winner
- Translated into 9 languages

The age of the faceless corporation is over. In the new business era of the twenty first century, great brands and products must evoke a dynamic personality in order to attract passionate customers. Although many organizations hide their personality behind layers of packaged messaging and advertising, social media guru and influencer Rohit Bhargava counters that philosophy and illustrates how successful businesses have redefined themselves in the new customer universe.

Personality Not Included is a powerhouse resource packed with bold new insights that show you how to shed the lifeless armor of your business and rediscover the soul of your brand. Sharing stories from the ethos of the world’s weirdest city, to how Manga has taken the comic book industry by storm, to showcasing brands like Intel, Boeing, ING, and Dyson, Bhargava shows you why personality matters from the inside out.

In Part One, you’ll be introduced to the key components to building a personality and learn how to:

  • Recognize the greatest myth that most marketers blindly follow, and how to get past it
  • Use the “UAT Filter” to understand the personality of your organization and products in order to develop a communication strategy that drives your marketing
  • Create your company’s “marketing backstory” using techniques pioneered by Hollywood screenwriters
  • Harness the influence of “accidental spokespeople” and use it to your advantage
  • Navigate the roadblocks of using personality that come from bosses, peers, investors, and lawyers, without getting fired or flamed
  • Pinpoint and capitalize on the moments where personality can make a difference

Part Two is packed with guides, tools, and techniques to help you flawlessly implement your plan. It features practical, step-by-step lessons that help you effectively move from theory to action, and includes a valuable collection of guides, checklists, question forms, printable resources, and more.

Don’t be another faceless company-learn the new rules for succeeding in the social media era with Personality Not Included.