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The most famous portraits in history are all painted from the torso up. That was the interesting insight from Ogilvy that led to this campaign for shoe polish brand Kiwi which recently won big at the Cannes festival. By commissioning artists to draw the bottom half of famous paintings like the Mona Lisa – this ...

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Brazilian Publisher Offers On-Demand Clever Captions For You ...

Facebook Helps Make Politicians Care About You

Apple Imagines Destroying The World At WWDC 

During its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) this past week described by one media outlet as a “parody of itself,” Apple launched a video intended to show developers how much the world needs them and the apps they build. The video, unfortunately, ended up illustrating just how much havoc Apple could wreak if it chose to

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Google Launches Beautiful Tool To Teach Kids Online Safety

The Brave and Slightly Scary Future Of Retail Surge Pricing

Why Jack Welch Might Be Overrated

While the business community loves to offer Jack Welch legendary status, this article shares that measuring his successor Jeff Immelt against that legacy may not be entirely fair. The analysis is a powerful reminder that success or failure can come from the circumstances that leader inherits as much as from what a leader does. It

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Best Buy Launches Try-Before-You-Buy Service To Fight Back A ...

Chatbots That Negotiate To Save You Money

What if a chatbot could learn the logic of customer service interactions and help you do everything from fight a parking ticket to negotiate a discount on your mobile phone bill? It turns out chatbots are excellent at this type of negotiation because of how formulaic most customer service scripts are. If a bot can

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