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Tuesday Talks: The Man Who Discovered Einstein & Why Big Ideas Don’t Work | A Marketing Keynote Presentation


You could say I’m a lover of history.

Not the boring “memorize which King came after which King” kind of history. No, instead I love the stories that history gives us of characters that we may already know, or objects we may interact with … but seldom think about in terms of their origins. This talk shares two of my favourite stories like that.

The first is how Einstein’s brilliance truly became appreciated in his time. If you think about it, he was a humble patent clerk with ideas that challenges the status quo. So why would the establishment believe him?  It turns out he owes his success largely to one man – Max Planck.  It’s exactly the type of hidden connection that fascinates me.  Would his ideas have been appreciated or understood without Planck?

The second story I also share is about the creation of the QWERTY keyboard design and its origins as a design “optimized” specifically for one purpose: to slow typists down. And yet when someone named Dvorak came along with a brilliant redesign of that keyboard, it was mostly rejected.  Why?

Finally, I also talk about James Dyson and his invention of a new type of vacuum cleaner and why that idea – though revolutionary in his industry, also ends up succeeding.  The stories of Einstein, Dvorak and Dyson illustrate a conclusion I often share in talks that big ideas are never enough. Though we tend to over glamorize them and under value the relationships and real people that are behind whether they succeed or not.

7 Reasons GE Is The Most Strategic Brand In Social Media


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Tuesday Talks: My Biggest Failure As An Entrepreneur | A Marketing Keynote Presentation

Some great ideas don’t work because of bad strategy.  Others fail because of bad timing. And some fail because of both. This talk is about an idea like that. In the second installment of my Tuesday Talks, I wanted to share a story from a presentation from about a year ago that I delivered at a Tech Cocktail event around…Read More >>

Tuesday Talks: Why Faceless Organizations Never Win | A Marketing Keynote Presentation

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The Underappreciated Brilliance Of The Helpful Honda Campaign


In 2007 an association of about 50 Honda dealerships based in the Southern California area launched a bold experiment. Faced with the reality that customers generally rate car dealers among the least trustworthy people in business, Honda and their agency at the time had an idea to change that perception.  The “Helpful Honda Dealers” concept was to prove Honda Dealers…Read More >>

7 Useful Lessons From The Corporate Social Media Summit


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The Best And Worst Of World Cup 2014 Marketing Strategy


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How To Sell Like The Hawaiian Beach Boys


There is an original Hawaiian Beach Boy and his name is Ted. Every day at the Waikiki Beach Boys surf shop on the beach in Oahu, Ted teaches tourists how to surf and sometimes shares a story about the legendary Pink Palace hotel on the beach. Or tells visitors how he first purchased the name of the iconic business all…Read More >>

How Bow Ties And “Adverstalking” Might Kill Online Marketing


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The Selfie Silencer And Other Silly Startup Ideas That You’ll Wish Were Real


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