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The Importance of Being Fearless

IMB_Case-Foundation-Be-Fearless-Logo2Most of us have a love affair with the big idea. We memorialize and romanticize it. We attend workshops or read books to learn how to come up with it. And the celebrate the achievements of anyone who has had one. Yet for all of our focus on this big idea, perhaps there is something even more fundamental that powers real world changing ideas.

The Case Foundation thinks so, and many of their peer foundations do as well. Foundations are one group that don't generally get recognized enough for the contributions they make to society. They give money and resources to the people and ideas that will change the world.  

As their newly launched campaign shows, many people all share the same essential philosophy when it comes to getting things done … they are fearless. In the campaign, the Case Foundation creates an entire brand identity around this important ideal of being fearless and then shares that message through a website and downloadable PDF. There is even an online form where you can take the pledge to be fearless.


The graphics look amazing, the content is strong and the entire effort overall seems like a real life manifestation of what you imagine that Steve Case might tell you in a face to face pep talk if you were sitting in front of him and sharing your idea for impacting positive change in the world.

A vision like this brings people together and gives them a shared identity. It inspires the organizations who the Case Foundation provides funding to. And perhaps most importantly, reminding people of the importance of being fearless has one likely side effect … they might just take your advice and then change the world.

  • Mark Long

    Very nice campaign. I completely agree with #5. Making business decisions out of fear can be the very thing that dooms your business.

    I’m a new follower and happy to have found your blog.

    Mark L.

  • Dennis Paresa

    A cool post today – thank you.

    This seems to be a topic so wide-spread throughout business, yet far too few people ever really acknowledge fear as a road-block. Fear takes the shape of so many different actions & attitudes – gossip, ego, etc. I’ve worked with business owners who’ll give me every excuse in the book as to whey they can’t or shouldn’t do something – even when that something is the very thing that can turbo-charge their business. And at the root of it all? Fear.

    Thanks again – I’ll share this with my readers.

  • Lukasz Kamiennik

    Agree with Mark, great campaign. And by the way, this reminded me of one of the most fearless person I have ever met. And that person is Peter Diamandis. He founded the “X-Prize” which was responsible for initiating the first ever private sector manned spaceflight. Incredible acomplishment.

  • Brigitte Grisanti

    If you open that business you have to be somewhat fearless.People stuck with same routine over and over again.You have to take that leap.

    Brigitte Grisanti