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Marketing Secrets From The World's Smallest Jewelry Store

This post is republished from my original article on the Amex Open Forum website. It is part of "Small Business Friday" on this blog, where I share ideas and marketing techniques specifically to help small businesses stand out. To read more articles like this, visit the "Small Business Friday" category on this blog.

IMB_IHateStevenSinger If you have ever driven during rush hour in the Philadelphia area, you might have noticed a rather curious billboard. This billboard is in attention-avoiding black with no images or color. Instead in a slightly weird font is the URL to a single website: I Hate Steven Singer dot com. While driving by the billboard, you may also hear the same Mr. Singer on the radio – talking about the many reasons to hate him. Getting home, and logging onto the Internet, if you happen to visit the website you would find what may be the most irreverent jewelry store homepage ever created. On the right hand side is the simple question "Is she pushing for the ring?" Underneath, Steven Singer offer his "guide to buying you some more time."

Most jewelry stores are all about pushing the engagement ring. Steven Singer has a page full of bracelets, earrings and necklaces you can get for your girlfriend to buy yourself more time without having to buy a ring. Clearly this is not your average jewelry buying experience. Looking at the history of this store – you would learn that in 1980 at the age of 22 a guy named Steven Singer opened what was once the smallest jewelry store (8 ft long by 8 ft deep) in heart of Philadelphia Jewerly Row, the country's oldest (and second largest) jewelry district. How did Steven Singer take his jewelry shop from its humble beginnings to being an award winning destination? Here are a few lessons:

  1. Use a permanent campaign. Part of the reason that Steven Singer's marketing works is because people who live in the Philly area have been seeing it for years. His presence is more than just a fleeting campaign – he is part of the community and people consistently know and recognize him through his marketing.
  2. Fuel natural human curiosity. If you saw that billboard, you would wonder why people hate Steven Singer. Posing a challenge in that way causes people to want to learn more and visit the website as I did. On the site, he tells a story about how the company started, offers valuable information about diamonds and content that you would easily tell a friend about if they happen to be in the Philadelphia area and seeking jewelry or diamonds.
  3. Own your region. The store advertising is a local retail store. Too often small businesses try to grow outside of a core area of business. Steven Singer's model seems to be to work very hard at owning his local market, and then letting word of mouth cary his business online or beyond.
  4. Focus on a different audience than your competitors. Much of the jewelry advertising that you see is focused on women who tend to be either the influencers or direct purchasers. Everything about Steven Singer's brand, on the other hand, seems to be more male focused. The tutorials on the site are filmed from a guy's point of view and the content is written for males much more than females. The underlying message for guys seems to be: "we understand you."
  5. Have a personality to lead your efforts. Steven Singer is a real guy and his presence offers a strong personality for the brand to build all their promotions around. In a business that is dominated by families and generations, this store was a first generation effort that grew in part because of the involvement of the founder in the local community and willingness to create a conversation through advertising on his name.
  6. Create a signature event. Every year, Steven Singer jewelers creates the World's Largest Bubble Bath. Though obviously a media stunt in somewhat poor taste targeted at single guys, it underscores the understanding that the brand has of their audience and offers something memorable that brings new and old consumers back to the store annually and reminds them of the tradition that they may already (or soon could be) part of.
  • Tracy

    Really enjoyed this post! Niche marketing at its best. Steven Singer kept it simple, real, honest and focused and he knocked it out of the park! Of course, I am glad I am a happily married woman so he can’t delay my wedding, but I will honestly share his site with my single guy friends. Thanks for a great article and for reposting it here for us to enjoy!

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  • Pablo Edwards

    Great post… Thanks for passing this one along with us… I hope that we can put some of these tips to use at our offices.

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  • Tony Argyle – Jewelry Marketing Solutions

    Yes he does a great job. He has the persistence (and budget) to stick with his branding until it worked.Thanks for the insight

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    This is a good blog, I hope many will learn from this.
    Thanks :)

  • Liza David

    Wow, small but very thoughtful, yes targeting different segments and audience is always beneficial.

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  • Alara

    I definetely think that fueling natural human curiosity is a must when marketing a product. Checking online was the first thing I did after seeing the billboard!!
    (Great blog by the way!)

  • Aimee Woodall

    Although most women wouldn’t want him talking to their boyfriends,I have to admit Steven Singer has a great marketing plan. He does a good job maintaining human connection with his audience by being his store’s spokesperson and taking his campaign to a higher level by hosting events. But the real secret weapon of his campaign is his willingness to go against the grain and grab peoples’ attention with his unexpected and controversial tactics. I mean, come on, a jewelry store that markets against engagement rings? Love it. Without this angle I don’t think he would have nearly as much success.

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