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Notes From Inside The Beijing Olympic Athletes Village

Today I had a chance to do what I have never been able to do at the other two Olympics I attended … get an inside look at the Athlete’s Village. For those who don’t know, the Athlete’s Village at any Olympic Games is usually the most quarantined area of the Games. Media are not allowed inside, family and friends are only allowed with special limited time credentials, and athletes are usually left alone to focus on competing in their events. A large number of athletes never even leave the village until after their events are over.

So I clearly jumped at the chance to get inside as part of my live blogging and on the ground efforts for Lenovo. Our aim was to meet athletes and capture their stories, as well as share a real voice from inside an exclusive area of the Games normally off limits to anyone but competitors. Walking around the Village was an interesting experience, as every moment you are passing athletes who are someone’s hero. They may be offering hope to an entire nation, or the motivating force behind a new generation of young competitors in their sport. To see them all in one place is a humbling experience. We have several videos from our time inside the Village, but the two below are particularly interesting. Hope you enjoy this inside look at the Athletes Village at the Beijing Olympics!



  • Kim Dushinski

    Thanks for sharing that video of the athlete’s village. It is so fun to see some behind the scenes stuff.

  • Busy Mom

    That’s great, thanks!

  • John Bell

    Great video walk through! I wished I was in the special athletes store – I am a sucker for merch, especially when it’s behind some sort of velvet rope lke the athletes village!

    Your coverage throughout has been a tremendous hit for those of us who cannot be there. The TV broadcasts don’t do the experience justice. Your coverage and that of teh athletes themselves on “Voices” does….