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A Call to Keyboards: Save Business2.0 Magazine!

Savebusiness20 There have been rumours flying this week that Time Inc. is going to be shutting down Business2.0 magazine and the last publication will be the September issue this year.  Valleywag is reporting that the magazine has already been shut down – but in another first for Business2.0, it seems Josh Quittner (editor) and several high profile influencers (including Om Malik and Michael Arrington) have launched are contributing to a fan-created campaign on Facebook to save the magazine.  I have been a loyal reader of the magazine for years now, and have already joined the campaign.  If you are a reader or have found their online content or blogs to be useful – join the group on Facebook and add your voice.  Let’s see if we can make publishing history and actually save the magazine …

Update (07/20/07): Read Josh’s take on the Facebook campaign

  • Charlie Rockwave

    Shutting down Business 2.0?
    That is unbelievable!
    What’s more, I just renewed my subscription last week.
    Business 2.0 is THE BEST business publication that I am aware of.

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  • Colin Carmichael

    Hi ROhit. I just wanted to point out that the group was fan-created. Josh is, of course, now a prominent member of the group as are many of his B2.0 & Time Inc. colleagues.

  • Rohit

    Thanks Colin, I’ll update the post to reflect that. Great work, by the way!

  • Barrett Niehus

    They can’t shut it down. It’s my favorite off-line read, and the only magazine that I read cover to cover.