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Support the Cancer Mosaic

The Cancer Mosaic - Help Piece Together A Cure Lance Armstrong is a phenomenon, from his heroic story of conquering cancer to the yellow  LIVESTRONG wristbands that launched one of the strongest social marketing campaigns in recent history (not to mention a new global fashion trend).  Currently, his nonprofit – The Lance Armstrong Foundation is promoting the LIVESTRONG Challenge, a call to supporters of the foundation to raise donations in support of their participation in walks, runs or bike rides.  This is a fairly standard marketing tactic for many cancer nonprofits to collect indirect donations to their cause.  The success of a fundraiser like this is based partially on the involvement of Lance himself – but more importantly, on the ingenuity and dedication of the most vocal of the cause supporters who will bring the message to the greater community and raise funds. 

Last week, Jennifer Rice pointed to a very interesting effort from Will Swetnam, a friend of hers and a supporter of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. His idea of the Cancer Mosaic is a webpage made up of a grid of 20×20 pixel sized squares, each of which can be purchased by anyone who wants to show their support of the cause and support anyone that has been affected by cancer, from patients and their families, to those who work to help treat them and find a cure for cancer.  The more you donate, the more tiles you can have.  You choose the exact tiles you want and enter your own message of support.  It’s a wonderful way to build a community around the issue, let people feel like they are participating in something permanent (a difficult task online) and giving them something tangible in return for the amount they donate.  I wonder if the LIVESTRONG Challenge will pay attention to an idea from one of it’s evangalists and consider building it into a marketing campaign for the entire organization.  Just another example of how the best marketing ideas can come from brand believers outside your marketing team – as long as you are paying attention. Masters the Art of Rebate Phishing Masters the Art of Rebate Phishing

Rebate Phishing: The practice of luring customers online to make a purchase with the promise of receiving a nonexistent rebate check in return. Recently unleashed from the bonds of my 2-year mobile phone contract, I went online this weekend to search for a new mobile phone.  Within seconds, I ended up at – one of the most popular online…Read More >>

5 Ways Marketing Can Save the US Airline Industry

There are few other industries that have suffered as much across the board as airlines in America.  From bankruptcy to solvency to operational issues – flying domestically in the US is not what it used to be.  There are news stories about 30 million bags being lost, service deteriorating, employees protesting, and airlines folding.  Yesterday’s USA Today carried a story…Read More >>

Finding a New Formula of Blog Influence

In a world of personal media where the technical constraints of publishing content are becoming nearly nonexistent – some have recently discussed the rising problem of information overload.  Seth Godin suggests that we may all be adding to the clutter, and though self-filtering, or relying on content creators to tag their content is ideal – it also depends on an…Read More >>

Are Domain Names the Next Tagging Phenomenon?

Tagging is in right now.  From a network for teens to Yahoo’s purchase of and Flickr … everyone in the industry is betting big on tagging.  And why shouldn’t they?  Search is no longer the only way to find information online. Jakob Nielson (the controversial usability guru) even categorized search engines as leeches. That may be extreme, but the…Read More >>

Do you give good Google?

An article this week in BusinessWeek magazine posed this question in relation to the growing influence that Google is having over interpersonal relationships and hiring.  Prospective employers, blind dates, girlfriend’s parents and business colleagues are just a few of the groups that might be Googling your name.  And if they did, what would they find?  The intriguing premise that the…Read More >>

Boeing Uses Blog to Counter Airbus Marketing

Boeing Uses Blog to Counter Airbus Marketing

A recent post from the VP of Marketing for Boeing (Randy Baseler) illustrates the perfect way to use a blog for public relations and to get your corporate viewpoint transparently into the online dialogue.  It’s an ongoing challenge for Boeing to connect with consumers, considering most of the relationship a individuals have with the travel industry are through providers such…Read More >>

7 Tips on Pitching Bloggers

This week, I added a piece on the homepage of the Ogilvy Blogfeeds with tips on pitching bloggers. This has been a topic on many PR and marketing blogs recently – generating almost as much discussion as the now tired declaration of the death of the press release .  The intention of these tips is to provide a good starting point…Read More >>

Take the Multilingual Challenge: Globalize Your Blog

Take the Multilingual Challenge: Globalize Your Blog

One of the things I have noted over the past year of blogging is that this blog receives a significant amount of traffic from locations outside of the US.  Intended or not, this blog has a global audience.  But like most of my fellow bloggers based in a single country, I don’t do much to help these international visitors read…Read More >>

The Greatest Viral Marketing Tool Ever

The Greatest Viral Marketing Tool Ever

Google, by virtue of the sheer volume of their daily visitors has built into their site what might be the greatest viral marketing tool ever … their corporate logo.  And on occasions outside of the standard American holidays, they often use the logo to promote their cause, product, holiday or scientific endeavour of the day.  This is the 21st century…Read More >>