bloggoggle: Directory of Blogging Professionals

I came across the beta for this site today, an interesting effort to merge the best qualities from a site like Squidoo (letting individuals share their expertise) and LinkedIn (letting individuals network with one another).  The interesting angle on this site is that it focuses very narrowly on the niche of professionals who have their

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TrendSpot: The Rise of Human Search Filters

The Trend:The same perceived lack of structure on the web that originally led Jerry Yang to create the first Yahoo Internet Directory is causing one of the most prevalent trends online today, the rise of human search filters.  Search engines are getting more sophisticated as algorithms get refined for every new spammers trick – to

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eBay and Online Reputation Systems

Just a few weeks ago I got my blue star on Ebay.  Aside from signifying that I’ve now successfully bought or sold 50 pieces of junk – it also felt like validation in the purest kindergarten way.  Somebody likes me.  50 somebodies.  And they even said so when they rated me positively.  It also got

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