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As a growing list of organizations ban all non-essential travel, meetings and conferences are being disrupted across the world. This page shares information about how to work with Rohit Bhargava to deliver a virtual keynote or remote training session for your team on the topics of trends, disruption, innovation or marketing. 

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Rohit Bhargava is one of the world’s leading keynote speakers and corporate trainers on leadership and disruption and has worked with hundreds of brands in 32 countries around the world. He has been invited by some of the most forward thinking organizations in the world, from NASA to Disney, to help their leadership prepare for disruption and has delivered VIRTUAL remote keynote and training sessions for Intel, Prudential, Microsoft, LinkedIn, NBC Comcast and many others. Rohit is the #1 Wall Street Journal best selling author of six books and his signature book Non-Obvious is based on a ten year project to curate more than 100 cutting edge trends that have been changing our world. Through a combination of his writing, corporate training and teaching work as an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University, Rohit has helped more than 1 million professionals to see the world differently, leverage trends and become non-obvious thinkers for themselves. 


Rohit Bhargava is an award winning authority on trends, disruptive thinking, marketing and innovation. Over the past decade, he has delivered stage presentations and virtual learning sessions frequently and is the #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of six business books as well as a popular Adjunct Professor of Marketing, Innovation and Storytelling at Georgetown University in Washington DC. Past topics for virtual sessions Rohit has custom-created and delivered include:

  • How To Be A Non-Obvious Thinker
  • 10 Non-Obvious Megatrends Changing Our Culture In 2020
  • Leading Digital Disruption – A Non-Obvious Guide
  • How To Collect Ideas, Curate Trends and Predict The Future
  • How To Use Storytelling for Leadership + Marketing
  • The Five Critical Habits of Non-Obvious Thinkers
  • The Future of Marketing
  • How To Build A More Trustworthy Business

Most remote sessions Rohit has developed are customized for a particular audience and he has done sessions with audio and slides (watch an example recorded for Microsoft) as well as recorded a video presentation for live streaming and later playback on a sound stage (watch an example recorded for NSLS).


Rohit Bhargava has delivered virtual sessions in many different formats over the years. The following are the most popular styles:

  • Virtual Keynote – In this format, Rohit presents either from a studio or his own office and delivers content with visuals either directly as a presentation with visuals only, or on video side by side with a box that shows his visuals.
  • Studio Recorded (With or Without Audience) – Sometimes a client will have a location set up to record with a sound stage or venue with the intention of either recording a session for their group to consume later or for a group to watch live while in remote locations. Given the current restrictions on corporate travel, this is an increasingly popular option. Rohit is also conveniently based in Washington DC, in close proximity to many studios as well as corporate headquarters in DC or New York to be able to deliver a session like this in studio without significant travel.
  • Remote Keynote Session (With Livestreaming) – To maximize the audience for his talks, sometimes clients will request for Rohit to present BOTH to a live audience as well as to a virtual audience watching either simultaneously or streaming later. Either way, this session is high energy, engaging and perfectly tailored to work in a virtual environment.

Most sessions Rohit has developed are customized for a particular audience and he has done sessions with audio and slides (watch an example recorded for Microsoft) as well as recorded a video presentation for live streaming and later playback on a sound stage (watch an example recorded for NSLS).


Q: What if we have travel + meeting restrictions due to COVID-19?

Given the rise of the Corona COVID-19 virus and a growing number of corporations restricting non-essential travel, events and planned learning sessions as well as offsites are being cancelled or postponed. As a result, the popularity of Rohit’s virtual sessions have been increasing dramatically.

Q: Where is Rohit based and can he come into our corporate headquarters/office to record a session?

Yes. If your team can’t travel, it may be easier to hold a session in your home office! The good news is Rohit is based in Washington DC and can cost effectively travel to your location – usually with a direct flight. In addition, for in-person recorded events held in either Washington DC or Manhattan/New York, Rohit can travel with no additional travel expenses.

Q: Does Rohit have a studio or venue where he can record and provide a finished talk to us?

If you don’t have a venue or prefer to fully outsource a session and have Rohit deliver a finished talk/video to you – he can do this! Just get in touch and we can share details on how this works and what we can do together. 

Q: Can Rohit make a virtual session that is interactive?

The short answer is yes. Rohit started his speaking career as a workshop facilitator and still runs more than a dozen day long corporate workshops/offsites a year. Often these sessions include virtual participants and Rohit is adept at encouraging interaction even from those who are listening in from home and reluctant to engage.

Q: Isn’t the energy level way less in a virtual talk? Won’t it be boring?

It is definitely harder to bring the energy without an audience there in person, but Rohit has done this many times in the past and has even spent days in studio recording virtual training content for private corporate workshops. So yes, the energy is hard to maintain … but Rohit knows how to do it!

Q: How customized will Rohit’s talk really be?

Rohit’s aim is always to pair stories which have been tested to resonate with a virtual audience together with new original content. How much exactly is customized? Rohit sometimes shares that most of his presentations have about 20% new and original content tailored specifically for an audience. Of course, we all know that 36% of all statistics are completely made up anyway … 🙂

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When seeking advice on leading disruption, trends, marketing and innovative thinking the largest brands in the world typically turn to their most trusted consulting partners. For the past 15 years, the Rohit has been the one delivering that advice. One of the things that separates Rohit from other keynote speakers is his non-obvious perspective thanks to his award winning research process and the past 15+ years of real life consulting experience providing counsel to some of the largest brands in the world. Here are three specific things you should know about Rohit’s experience:

  1. Proven methods, tested insights. Unlike other experts, Rohit’s experience for the past 15 years has blended digital with traditional. As a result, he understands what it takes to lead disruption in the world as it is TODAY and his insights go far beyond the tired cliche leadership advice you often hear from leadership speakers. Whether it’s embracing reverse mentorship or instituting a digital buffet for your team, his guidance is unique, original and proven to work.
  2. Innovator’s Story – One of the reasons Rohit is so effective at teaching (particularly virtually) is because he has walked the walk himself. While spending 15 years at two of the largest marketing agencies in the world (Leo Burnett and Ogilvy), he was instrumental in starting pioneering digital practices and virtual learning programs at both. During that same time, he published three books on disruption, testified in front of the FDA on social media and launched ideas on his personal blog that were so far ahead of their time, they later became entire marketing disciplines. After leaving the agencies, he has similarly started two disruptive million dollar companies that are upending the world of publishing and communications.
  3. Focus On Actionable Insights – A key element of Rohit’s process and talks is his ability to share lessons and a process for how anyone in the audience can use his approach to curate disruptive ideas for themselves. This signature Haystack Method (click to watch video) is a highly visual, engaging and useful process that has allowed thousands of professionals to better seek out new ideas, be more open minded and even see connections between industries.


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“When we asked Rohit to create a virtual keynote and training video, what he managed to deliver blew us away! His non-obvious trends were perfectly customized for our industry and his content and delivery received rave reviews from our entire remote team spread across the country.”

– Kaushal Shroff, Prudential

“Over and above being a fantastic speaker, booking Rohit also means you get a partner. Most speakers sign the contract and then perform. Rohit went over and above to help customize his virtual talk, connect with attendees remotely and generate opportunities to build off his speaking engagement.”

– Paul Treanor, Event Planner

“Rohit’s virtual presentation was beautiful, validating, uplifting and contained so much truth. It was one of the best keynote presentations I have ever heard.”

– Remote Talk Attendee Feedback