What Is It Like To Work With Rohit Bhargava? | Keynote Speaker Testimonial

Testimonial: What Is It Like To Work With Rohit? from Rohit Bhargava on Vimeo.

The Backstory:

This video was recorded after a talk given by Rohit for the Enrollment Management Association. It was his third to the group in less than a year after first being invited to deliver the keynote presentation at their annual conference. The response at that show was so good, the event team decided to bring Rohit back the following year to deliver a combination of a custom workshop on trust and brand, as well as his latest keynote on the topic of trend prediction and the future.

What It Shows For Event Planners & Bureaus:

Not only will Rohit customize his talk for a particular event, but he excels at becoming a partner of an event and is often invited back to work with event planners on large recurring events in multiple ways. He has been a keynote speaker one year, and an MC the next. Sometimes he will do executive workshops. The bottom line is, he knows what it takes to create a good enough experience to get invited back … the ultimate compliment.