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PNI: Making of Personality Not Included



The True Story Of The Making Of Personality Not Included

My idea behind this site, to a degree, is the same one I share throughout the book … that personality mattersand you need to build a story that people can believe in and retell to others. My hope is that the more you know about what went into writing the book you are holding in your hands, the more likely you are to tell other people about it. The links below are to an assortment of files designed to take you inside the process of creating PNI – from original sketches, to content that inspired me, to a look at the marketing strategy behind promoting the book.

  • The First Idea – when looking through my blog posts on my personal blog, I came across a post called “The Importance of Having A Personality” which I wrote back in October of 2005. I think it was the first time I ever started thinking about the idea of personality – not realizing that about 2.5 years later it would be the subject of my first book.
  • The Original Book Proposal (the one page outline I used to sell the book idea to my agent and eventually to the publisher – though this obviously changed significantly)
  • Positioning the Book (this is the slide I used to position where the book would fit in the overall landscape of books already out there and how it could occupy a unique space)
  • Rejected Cover Design (before we settled on the chickens, we were still exploring creative concepts and all liked one design that I had done based on an image that depicted a duck standing apart from the crowd. It was an interesting thematic approach that ultimately led to the cover we ended with, even though this version linked above was rejected.
  • Original Sketch – Today’s Buying Cycle (a scan of the original hand drawn sketch that was eventually turned into the graphic on page 165 of the book describing how today’s buying cycle works)
  • Original Sketch – The UAT Filter (a scan of the original hand drawn sketch that was eventually turned into the graphic on page 81 of the book that outlines the key method I describe of uncovering the personality of your brand by using this filter with the three key criteria of personality)
  • Original Sketch – The Attention Paradox (a scan of the original handdrawn sketch that was eventually turned into the graphic on page 33 of the central paradox in much of marketing that holds many companies back.

PNI Storytelling Workshop

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