Airport Security Bins and 10 Other Spots We Need Advertising

Apparently, the latest "innovation" in advertising is offering up ad space on the bottom of those security bins used in every airport.  Despite fears that it might confuse people during an already confusing moment of separating liquids and laptops into quart-sized bags, it seems that airport authorities are ready to go ahead with the plan

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A Recap of 2006 on Influential Interactive Marketing

Let’s start with a warning … this is the "clip show" post where I recycle a lot of old material so if that causes you extreme pain, please close this window now and come back tomorrow.  For all the rest of you, it’s the holidays and a quick glance around the marketing blogosphere will show

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Snakes on a Plane Viral Campaign Misses the Multicultural Ma ...

I came across an interesting viral campaign for the upcoming movie "Snakes on a Plane" where users can go online and enter names to have a personalized viral message sent to someone spoken by Samuel L. Jackson.  I have seen this viral talking idea before, such as with the "7 days left" campaign for The

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The Importance of a Movie Theater Website

Searching for a movie this weekend, I cursed my way through yet another painful online experience dealing with AMC Theaters.  The main problem, in their case, is that I know their brand and I have been to their theaters.  And because I do, I have higher expectations from AMC.  For one, I assume the theater’s

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5 Signs Your Viral Marketing May Flop

In light of Chevy Tahoe’s recent experience with consumer backlash towards their promotion run on The Apprentice, viral marketing is a hot topic of discussion in marketing circles these days.  Is it too risky to do well?  Should companies avoid it?  Is Chevy doing the right thing by not stepping in and removing negative consumer

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Rebate Phishing: The practice of luring customers online to make a purchase with the promise of receiving a nonexistent rebate check in return. Recently unleashed from the bonds of my 2-year mobile phone contract, I went online this weekend to search for a new mobile phone.  Within seconds, I ended up at – one

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GMC's New Viral Campaign Fails to Deliver

In times square this weekend, I spotted a long billboard with mathematical equations and schematic drawings along with the cryptic URL –  Unfortunately, a visit to the website delivers neither a new online community for tech geeks, nor an innovative new virtual drawing board for users to collaborate on.  Instead, the site is nothing

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Nike Survives Ill-fated Effort

Using celebrity spokespeople can be a tricky thing – especially when it comes to athletes and sports sponsorships.  Nike and Visa both learned this with their ill-fated Olympic sponsorships of Bode Miller and Lindsay Jacobellis, respectively.  Both turned out disappointing performances, with Bode Miller coming off as a total ass yesterday with his declaration that

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The Super Bowl Best and Worst Ads

Every year there are lists of the best and worst ads from the Super Bowl – and usually I look at them with frustration because they have nothing to do with advertising effectiveness … just pure entertainment.  Entertainment is fine, but it’s hard to imagine that any of the advertisers in the Super Bowl will

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The New US Airways Missed WOM Opportunity

As part of the merger between US Airways and America West airlines announced in November last year (2005), they had an intriguing new decision to make about the beverage brands that they served on their flights.  America West had Pepsi and Budweiser, US Airways had Coke and Miller.  Over the past decade, both brands in

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