The Rise of Passive Job Seeking

In a world where everyone is constantly bombarded with examples of how the grass is greener somewhere else, earning true employee loyalty may soon be harder than ever.

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How Hot Dog Water Became The Hottest New Health Drink In Ame ...

hot dog water

Hot Dog Water officially launched this week and you can have some for just $38 a bottle. Before you roll your eyes in disgust, would it change your mind to learn that it helps restore the body’s homeostasis after an electrolyte imbalance? It is only if you read till the end of the small print

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Why Our Economy Supports (And Sometimes Needs) Bullsh*t Jobs

bullshit jobs

“A titanic amount of our economy is presently bullshit, and we’re working crazy hours to ensure that all the bullshit gets done.” This review of the newly released book Bullshit Jobs by David Graeber looks at some of the themes from the research of the author and why there are so many people doing jobs

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How Brands Become Fixers Of Everything From Potholes To Fake ...

dominos fixes potholes

Domino’s just started fixing potholes on roads, to help your pizza get delivered undisturbed. In response to news stories of kids getting fined by overzealous city officials for running lemonade stands without permits, Country Time Lemonade created a fund to pay their legal fees. Both are stunts from brands taking a short lived Brand Stand

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How Twitter Is Killing Our Culture (And Why We Probably Won& ...

elon musk twitter

Is Twitter useful anymore (or was it ever)? Most of us who have been on the platform for some time have likely experienced a downward shift in its value. For me, the platform used to offer an interesting stream of real time commentary from friends and acquaintances. Over time it became a noisy flood of

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Flavor Changing Skittles And Other Fun Halloween Stories

Given next week is Halloween – I thought it fitting to share a few related stories this week. The first is about Skittles “Trick Plays” bag which features candies that do not taste like their colors, which is sure to frustrate some die-hard Skittles consumers. Last week I featured Snickers hunger bars and this week I came

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BBC Newscaster Realizes On Air That A Story Isn’t News ...

In this short video of a BBC newscaster reporting  about the “Royal Baby” announcement, you see a rare moment of truth where newsman Simon McCoy shows us what he really thinks about reading a relatively unimportant announcement as if it was “Breaking News,” when he knows it clearly isn’t. Which leaves us with the perfect

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Google Buys Apple, Smart Hacker Probably Makes Millions

Did you hear Google was buying Apple for only $9b? The story went out over the wires earlier this week and immediately triggered automated investment bots to start trading in Apple stock, jumping the price from $156 to $158 (not an insignificant jump). Then the story was quickly taken down and attributed to a tech glitch.

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Why More Men May Be “Marrying Up” In The Future

This week a few researchers published a demographic study which examined the effect of more highly educated women entering the “marriage market” and therefore creating more dual income households where women are the primary breadwinners. Rather than seeing this as triggering some sort of crisis of masculinity, the report concluded that this is likely to

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How To Talk About Hurricanes To Climate Change Deniers

As multiple hurricanes swirl around the Atlantic, this article about how to talk with climate change deniers is particularly relevant. Aside from the timeliness, it struck me that this is exactly the type of step by step guide that probably would be useful for a wide variety of other topics too. The point is, how

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