ScriptThis.TV Launches a New Online Consumer Generated TV Sh ...

Office comedy is a niche that has been evolving since Scott Adam’s Dilbert cartoons essentially created the genre in 1989.  For many people stuck in boring jobs, working with idiots, or otherwise feeling underappreciated at work … office humor has provided an antidote.  The trend towards poking fun at office related dysfunction has inspired the

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A Gallery of Marketing and PR in Second Life

The virtual world has been getting a lot of coverage in the real world these days.  Second Life is becoming the new poster child for the rising popularity of avatars and virtual personalities that real people are taking on, and every day it seems there is a new development that causes those in marketing and

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Singelringen Promotes "Single Power" As a Way of L ...

Everywhere you turn online there is another site that introduces new ways to find that special someone.  From personality profiles on eHarmony to focusing on finding "recreational" friends on sites like – there seems to be some online service for everyone.  Public perception of online dating, too, has changed from assuming it was just

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Several weeks ago, I had the chance to speak with Jeff Taylor (founder of about, his latest venture launching today.  The site is targeted to the increasingly influential group of boomers aged 50+ who are now either contemplating retirement or engaged in "active retirement."  Aside from the new advertising opportunities the site offers,

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Yahoo Uses Giants of Advertising to Inspire Agencies

Working in advertising today, at least partially, is about nostalgia.  Dreams of making a career in creative ads that the world would be talking about are still around on Madison Avenue, though becoming more of a fantasy in a world that has found and embraced Tivo.  Yet the most powerful image of the golden age

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One Red Paperclip Rides the Long Tail to Mainstream Success

On July 12, 2005, Kyle MacDonald started his One Red Paperclip trading blog with the dream of ultimately trading one red paperclip for a house.  Just a few weeks ago (one year and 14 trades later) he met his goal with an offer for a new house on 503 Main Street from the Town of

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Wikimapia, Google's Green Summer and Marketing Mashups

Wikimapia is one of the most recent mashups with Google maps getting a lot of love on lately.  The site is a global effort to get people to describe the places they live in the same way that Wikipedia has become a global encyclopedia of knowledge on nearly every topic in the world.  The

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Nikon Uses Flickr to Launch the Nikon Stunning Gallery

When Yahoo acquired Flickr and – the question on most marketers minds was how they would integrate these into profitable networks for advertising without alienating already loyal users who were used to an ad-free experience.  The answer for the first few months after acquisition appeared to be to do nothing other than add the

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Inside The Da Vinci Code Marketing Strategy

After much fanfare over the last few weeks, The Da Vinci Code opens in theaters across the US today.  Though some early reviews from the Cannes Film Festival premier have been less than perfect, there is no denying that the marketing machine behind the film has generated buzzworthy firsts, from partnering with Google to open

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Getting Global Insight on Trends from Search

Since websites have become primary information sources about companies and products in the late 90s, integrated marketing teams have been using web analytics to mine data about users and translate this into trend information and ammunition for testing the usability of websites.  One metric in particular that almost all marketing teams pay attention to are

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