Google Celebrates Australia Day With An Aerial Maps Mashup

For those that haven’t been keeping up on their Aussie daily news ticker, today is Australia Day – and to celebrate, Google has launched an innovative campaign where they have been photographing Sydney Harbor from the skies through the course of the day and posting images on a mashup site for anyone to see.  The

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A Recap of 2006 on Influential Interactive Marketing

Let’s start with a warning … this is the "clip show" post where I recycle a lot of old material so if that causes you extreme pain, please close this window now and come back tomorrow.  For all the rest of you, it’s the holidays and a quick glance around the marketing blogosphere will show

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Quantcast Offers Free Audience Data on 20 Million+ Sites

Yesterday I had a chat with Konrad Feldman, one of the co-Founders of a company called Quantcast that quietly launched an online measurement tool about two months ago which is currently in beta mode.  The tool is one of the first free resources I have seen focused on offering a complete picture of audience composition

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Joining the 9 Rules Marketing Community

9 Rules is an online network of blogs dedicated to uniting bloggers passionate about their efforts in many different categories.  For more than a year, I have been an active reader of many of the blogs in the network; particularly in the marketing community.  Folks like Cameron Olthuis and Karl Long.  One of my favourite

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Ideas for Marketing with Fantasy Games Online

On Friday last week, there was a great piece by Julia Beizer in the Washington Post Express about a different category of fantasy games that offer an alternative to Fantasy Football.  Now officially giving up on my Fantasy Football team after losing my two star players in back to back weeks to season ending injuries,

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The Best College Admissions Website Ever?

After reading a post on one my favourite marketing blogs, Ypulse – I was recently pointed to the George Mason University admissions website, MasonMetro which struck me as one of the best examples I have seen of connecting with high school students in a memorable way and encouraging them to consider applying.  Contrary to the

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Riya Launches a New Visual Search for Online Retail: ...

When I first wrote about visual search more than a year ago, it was all about a new type of search interface that would allow you to see results contextually through a more visual interface rather than a simple text listing of results.  Visual search, at that point, was all about improving the interface to

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Idea Bar: Marketing with Soundbombs

In this month’s issued of Wired Magazine, there was a profile of Soundbombs, an innovative new concept designed to merge audio with physical experiences to bring a new dimension to just about anything from billboards to art.  As unique as the concept is, the distribution strategy is even more so … with Felix Beck, creator

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Dove's Evolution of Beauty Campaign Goes Viral on YouTu ...

Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty has been one of the most talked about campaigns of the year, earning praise from people in the advertising world, as well as from real consumers for representing something different to the typical fashion advertising.  By focusing on the distorted perception of beauty that much of the fashion industry is

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There is a lot of discussion these days about corporate blogging, with some even suggesting that perhaps blogs should replace corporate sites entirely.  While I am a big believer in the power of blogging, I don’t think blogs will completely replace corporate sites.  The main reason is because there is useful static content that corporate

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