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The First Robot Many People Loved Is Getting a Second Life

Why CES Going Digital Is A Big Deal

By now, events going digital is not really big news – so you might wonder why I’m singling out this week’s announcement from CES. When the world’s largest tech conference goes virtual, that’s a different magnitude. More importantly, the announcement coming six months before the event will offer plenty of runway for every exhibitor and participant

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Why More People Should Skip the Hustle and Take the Paycheck

Netflix’s Controversial New Show On Indian Arranged Ma ...

A new Netflix eight-part mini-series called Indian Matchmaking has been sparking a big debate online because of how it shines a spotlight on what one observer called “Brahmanical patriarchy … shaped by gender, caste, and economic relationships.” The show tells the story of arranged marriages from the perspective of a famous matchmaker who uses “biodata” to connect people.

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Trader Joe’s and the Slow Death of Brand Personality