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The LA Olympic Committee Helps Fans Dream of 2028 at the Per ...

The Non-Obvious Insights Show – Episode #233

This week’s stories will include desperate airlines selling in-flight meals online, the LA Olympic committee’s brilliantly inclusive new logo, how to use stupidity to get a promotion, a conversation with Silicon Valley’s last ethical thinker and how a Japanese rock star and Lady Gaga are showing us the future of virtual performances. This Week’s Stories:

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Is New York Dead Forever? Inside Seinfeld’s Feud With ...

The Non-Obvious Insights Show – Episode #232

In this episode, we talk about … Why the Republican National Convention was a flop (read the full article) The biggest secret about competing on Masterchef How magic helps introduce pioneering technology Empathetic cars that can cure your road rage The debate about whether New York is dead forever Why your next health screening may

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8 Things You Can Learn From Both U.S. Political Conventions ...

Branding Lessons From the Shady History of the Oreo Cookie

The Non-Obvious Insights Show – Episode #231

In this episode, we talk about … Lessons in humble creativity from the best small agency in America Transparent toilets and they might actually work A stunning VR expose of factory farms filmed by an activist group Apple seeing challenges to their monopoly from Fortnite and others Time crystals and why they aren’t as cool

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How Japan’s “Culture of Cute” Traps Japane ...

Non-Obvious Insights Show – Episode #230

Stories featured on the show this week: One thing that could eliminate fake news How Japan’s “culture of cute” traps women An inside look at how Iceland beat coronavirus Branding lessons from the shady history of the Oreo The 17th century technique for selling during a pandemic A sad new documentary about a surprising new

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The Non-Obvious Insights Show – Episode #229