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Quark skips integrating direct mail campaign with website

John Cleese Connects with IT Managers in Viral Online Film

Store Wars Viral eAdvocacy Campaign Uses Popular Culture to ...

Lessons in Online Marketing to Busy Moms

MarketingSherpa released a case study today about how Gymboree revised their website to better meet the needs of busy moms shopping for children’s clothing online.  Some interesting lessons in here for any campaign targeting moms, including: Moms are multi-tasking at certain times of the day – "moms are so busy that they’re hopping online as

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Content Creation – More than just Blogs

Content creation online is exploding, with over 53 million people (or 44% of all Internet users) having created and posted content online in 2004 – according to a Pew Internet Study.  While the entire category of content creation sometimes seems hijacked by blogging and podcasting, another content creation activity is noted by this same report

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Sports and the Internet

Nobody would ever voluntarily watch a big game on time delay.  The time shifting (or "extreme time-shifting") of television will probably never effect sports … because you just have to watch in real time.  In fact, TiVo itself notes that less than 10% of sports fans watch Monday Night Football on time delay.  Last night

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Where to get Online Statistics

As one of a handful of Internet professionals in a PR agency, I’m continually asked for lots of stats to back up proposals as well as using them to support or inform my own recommendations for client work.  Here are several of the best FREE general sources for Internet statistics I’ve found out –

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eBay and Online Reputation Systems

Just a few weeks ago I got my blue star on Ebay.  Aside from signifying that I’ve now successfully bought or sold 50 pieces of junk – it also felt like validation in the purest kindergarten way.  Somebody likes me.  50 somebodies.  And they even said so when they rated me positively.  It also got

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Statistics about Parents & Moms Online

Below is a list of helpful resources all about parents online, including who they are and how to reach them: Report on Parents Online – published in 2002 from Pew Internet Child and Family Web Guide – List of resources online compiled by researchers at Tufts University (primarily about child development) Purchasing power of Moms

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Bugaboo markets strollers online to parents

While in New York this weekend, I passed an interesting bus stop poster with a picture of a unique looking baby stroller, and the URL – nothing else.  As a new parent, I buy the same crap all parents do.  Graco stroller, Baby Bjorn, those new plastic baby food containers (because glass jars are

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