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Does time of day really matter?

A new report from eMarketer offers some new data in answering one of the most often asked questions in our industry: does time of day really matter for email marketing?  The report notes: 41% of Americans check email first thing in the morning 18% check email right after dinner 14% check email right when they

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Blogs and the Marketer's Quest for Brevity

This past weekend I went out to a local antique market to find a gentleman selling hundreds of old advertisements from magazines over the last 60 years, framed and mounted.  I bought one for a Hartmann Wardrobe Trunk … a great illustrated ad with more than a paragraph of descriptive copy.  In fact, all the

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Orbitz is down – CRM opportunity? is down – an extremely rare event for large ecommerce sites these days.  I’m sure there will be articles in the coming days about the real cost of this outage for Orbitz.  And at this point it’s still down with only their admission that "We are aware of the problem and are working to

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Videoblogging – the next big thing?

From discussion boards and newsgroups to blogs to podcasting … new forms of content creation are evolving the user-contributed "DIY" model of the Internet.  I posted earlier about online photo albums as a symbol of the growth of content sharing online among the general online population.  Blogs and podcasting are part of this trend, which

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Video Blogging Resources & Information

Yahoo! Group on VideoBlogging – A large user community of videobloggers and a great way to uncover what’s new in the world of videoblogging. VLogging 101 – An online tutorial to creating your own Vlog FireANT – A popular online RSS video aggregator and media player Steve Garfield – Video Blog of a relatively well

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Quark skips integrating direct mail campaign with website

John Cleese Connects with IT Managers in Viral Online Film

Store Wars Viral eAdvocacy Campaign Uses Popular Culture to ...

Lessons in Online Marketing to Busy Moms

MarketingSherpa released a case study today about how Gymboree revised their website to better meet the needs of busy moms shopping for children’s clothing online.  Some interesting lessons in here for any campaign targeting moms, including: Moms are multi-tasking at certain times of the day – "moms are so busy that they’re hopping online as

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Content Creation – More than just Blogs

Content creation online is exploding, with over 53 million people (or 44% of all Internet users) having created and posted content online in 2004 – according to a Pew Internet Study.  While the entire category of content creation sometimes seems hijacked by blogging and podcasting, another content creation activity is noted by this same report

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