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Professional Blogs Versus Personal Blogs

As part of planning for a client project, I spent some time on a whole bunch of blogs that I would ordinarily never visit … mommy blogs.  The phenomenon of Moms (and Dads for that matter) going online to blog about their daily experiences with parenthood is growing.  There have been a few reports about

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RSSvertising, Newspaper's Last Hope

About 2 years ago, I probably installed my first popup blocking software.  And I always remember The Washington Post as the last straw which drove me to find and install it.  At the time, the popups on the site were so distracting to the user experience, I could barely get through a paragraph before the

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Google Announces a Revolution in Search Marketing Relevance

Here’s an interesting thought: advertisers and publishers working together to feature the most relevant ads to the user rather than focusing on the spiraling cost curve to drive internet advertising.  Wouldn’t that result in a dramatic decrease in the us-versus-them mentality plaguing all facets of the advertising industry in connecting with customers?  The gang at

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The Permanence and Reliability of Blogs as Sources

Chasing the Idea of i-CGM

Across blogs, podcasts, online photo galleries, vlogs, or any other form of consumer generated media (CGM) that you can think of – there is lots of press about how this is empowering individuals to connect to others … a new form of many to many communication signified by the evolution from broadcasting (one to many)

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One DM Firm that should Stay Offline

I recently got an email from a service called "Where Christians Meet" promising to help me find my soulmate.  Intrigued at how I made it onto this list (considering I am married and not Christian) I checked into it and found that the email had been sent by a company called Harrison Direct.  Apparently they

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Virtual Networking and a New Standard for Online Profiling

Opportunities for Marketing through Podcasting

When I was working in Australia with Royal & Sun Alliance, a large insurance company, we were called in to fix a disaster with a insurance quoting tool that had been developed offshore and released to RSA’s customers as a downloadable application.  Unfortunately, there was no way to update the software and due to many

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Joining the "RSStocracy"

Over the past few months I have not only started to become an active blogger, I’ve also become an active blog reader.  In fact, like most blog readers and posters, much of my daily knowledge and inspiration comes from other blogs far more than news media.  And, like most – I use an RSS aggregator

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Hyper-Targeting and Why TV will Lose Smart Advertisers

Orbitz Chief Marketing Officer Randy Wagner says [in this week’s BusinessWeek article – "Cable’s Big Bet on Hyper-Targeting] reaching consumers with ads they won’t skip is a priority.  She likens the goal to’s strategy of recommending products based on past purchases.  "It’s so relevant, it feels like a service instead of selling." I had

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