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Going Horizontal on the Internet

Most everything outside of the Internet is vertical.  We walk upright.  Skyscrapers are, well, sky-high.  Books are printed in portrait sizes.  Memos, printouts, legal documents too are all printed vertically.  Newspapers, magazines, guidebooks – again, the majority are all vertical.  Yet computer screens and TV screens are horizontal.  Television and movies take advantage of this

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The New Game of TV Marketing

A rising trend with the coming fall lineup for US TV networks is the desire and necessity to make shows more interactive.  Though the leap of making all show content available online seems a stretch for most shows (FOX’s Reunion being a notable exception), legions of shows are using non-traditional ways to deepen their relationships

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The New Focuses Between Browsing and Buying

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I read somewhere that Michael Jordan used to get $30,000 every time he sneezed. He wasn’t getting paid to sneeze, of course, that’s just how much he would make every microsecond of the day based on his annual dollars from salary and sponsorships. Much of it came from retail fashion (sports apparel) – an industry

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Google Adsense vs. Yahoo/Overture Sponsored Search – A ...

Word of Mouth Marketing is not just Buzz

Whenever I describe the power of word of mouth marketing for clients, I’m careful to avoid putting the term "buzz" in the same sentence.  While creating a buzz is important and is certainly a component of word of mouth marketing, it also hints of transcience.  What constitutes buzz today can often be gone tomorrow.  Movie

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Apple Unveils New iPod Phone & iPod Nano

As expected, an hour ago Steve Jobs announced at Apple’s press conference that the company will launch a new iTunes phone through partnership with Motorola and a mini-ipod which he termed the "iPod Nano" and described as thinner than a pencil … You have to hand it to Apple, they know how to hype up

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BridgeBlogging for Social Awareness

The launch and initial success of Current TV is just one of the many new manifestations of this idea of citizen journalists who are augmenting, and some would argue, overtaking traditional media in terms of credibility in reporting real life as it happens.  Aside from empowering individuals and growing from its small and dedicated audience

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Yesterday was Blog Day 2005, a day when blogger Nir Ofir suggested everyone post a recommendation of 5 new Blogs (preferably, Blogs different from their own culture, point of view and attitude).  Looking at the list of posts about Blog Day, it was fascinating how far the idea travelled, from Ofir’s original posting on June

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Scariest Viral Marketing Campaign Ever

Movie marketing is always fun to watch, because in the midst of all the formulaic voice-overs in the same baritone predicting a hero or heroine finding "the one thing they never expected" … there is also a furious desire/necessity to do something different to connect with audiences and increase intrigue enough to get "bums in

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