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It’s late and I’m doing some last run throughs for a client presentation tomorrow morning and can’t keep my mind from wandering a bit.  I was thinking about the future and how some of our conclusions to be presented tomorrow as part of a discussion of "new media" might seem archaic if I were to

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Email Marketing Needs to Get Back to Basics

The Storyteller Instinct at We Media

Attending the We Media conference last week, one key theme began to emerge for me from the many insightful panels  — that the "storyteller instinct" is the driving force behind much of the change happening in the media industry today.  Consumer generated media, in large part, is driven by individuals’ need to tell their stories. 

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Sneak Preview: Ogilvy PR BlogFeeds

As part of our sponsorship of tomorrow’s WE Media Conference in New York, we started thinking about how we could offer something of value to the conference attendees beyond a typical brochure about our services. The conference aims to explore the ways in which new forms of communication are changing the way that we converse

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The Importance of Having a Personality

Early this year when Apple first released the ipod Shuffle, the webpage highlighting the shuffle focused on the change in world view that the ipod shuffle had introduced. "Random is the new order" declared the page, and asked users plainly to "give chance a chance."  I posted in the past about the power of this

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I might be wrong, but …

Living in DC, one of the things that you become very used to is the qualifying statement.  A huge number of people in this town are either lawyers, politicians or aspiring politicians.  For any of these professions, it doesn’t pay to get caught in absolutes.  No matter what you believe, every statement must be qualified

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Fear Marketing

In the mail yesterday I came across a direct mail piece for with the warning "more hurricanes predicted" – aiming to convince me to waterproof my home.  I can only hope that this piece was created before recent tragedies and not a deliberate attempt to cash in on the misfortune of others.  But it

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Photoshop Scores PR Hits on West Wing & Desperate Housew ...

Microsoft Losing Marketing Battle for Email Users

The Future of RSS

Most popular industry blogs offer multiple feed options for the simple reason that RSS feeds are being used by professionals in many industries to aggregate and consume "niche news."  As an increasing number of news media sources offer their content through RSS feeds, this is becoming a defacto source for aggregating news in any industry,

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