Stories featured on the show this week:

  • One thing that could eliminate fake news
  • How Japan’s “culture of cute” traps women
  • An inside look at how Iceland beat coronavirus
  • Branding lessons from the shady history of the Oreo
  • The 17th century technique for selling during a pandemic
  • A sad new documentary about a surprising new ocean species
  • Plus, another selection for the Non-Obvious Book Release of the Week!

Stories mentioned this week:

Why Jonathan Swan’s Interview With President Trump Is So Good

How Iceland Beat the Coronavirus

Not So Kawaii: How Japan’s “Culture of Cute” Traps Japanese Women

Drink like Da Vinci: Italy is bringing back its 17th-century ‘wine windows’

How the Oreo cookie went from unknown knock-off to the world’s most popular cookie, as a result of a sibling rivalry between baker brothers

The Ocean Has A ‘New Species’ As Shown In Stirring Film Voiced By Morgan Freeman