Many young city dwellers left their apartments to move back home with parents when Covid-19 shut down everything. For most, that meant moving back into their childhood rooms, and having a unique forced opportunity to make peace with their own younger selves.

This NY Times article explores how many are treating it as a chance for introspection. They are going through their childhood notebooks, cleaning up all the memorabilia that they had shared from growing up and high school and remembering what their teen angst was like … and what things haven’t changed about themselves.

Most of us never have a chance like this. It’s always about moving forward and in many ways, not looking back. Looking back is often seen as weakness or even a waste of time. Yet right now, they (and perhaps the rest of us) have a golden chance to do exactly that. It’s a moment that may feel unwelcome for some right now. Yet when many of us look back, it may feel more like a gift that any generation would be privileged to get.