It was a delight this week to see my friend Philippe Brown interviewed about the work he does to create luxury travel experiences for his clients. His insights on the importance of crafting the anticipation of travel, AI-enhanced experiences, using video game design to create a dramatic arc for travel and the role of behavioral psychology in crafting travel are all worth a read in the article linked above.

The role and impact of travel on how we think is a topic I have been considering quite a bit lately. I am lucky to consistently travel around the world both as a part of work and for the joy of traveling on holiday. As a business traveler, I find my mindset is different than when I travel for pleasure – and yet some of the same benefits to my life and work come from both.

I routinely return from any trip more open-minded, more empathetic towards people unlike myself, more appreciative of the things that I have which others don’t and more willing to listen to others instead of feeling the need to always be speaking myself.

Traveling makes me a better person. I believe it has the power to do the same thing for all of us.