• The Hotel That Forces You To Take A Digital Detox
    In Sweden, one hotel has created a stunt designed to encourage you to stay off of Wifi during your stay … by only charging you when you use devices in the room. If you can exhibit self control for the evening in the “Check Out Suite” – you can stay for free. Smart idea and great timing launching just in time for Valentine’s Day.
  • How Amazon Might Really Use All The Data They Have On You
    Amazon can’t use all the data they have on you because too much personalization quickly gets creepy. Yet this story illustrates what could become a major offering (and revenue stream) for the ecommerce giant: using that data to enable product makers to send you free samples.
  • How Economic Abuse Is Slowly Gaining Recognition
    In the UK the debate around new domestic abuse legislation has brought the idea of “economic abuse” out into the open. The idea is to examine how money can be used in relationships as a form of coercion and abuse, with the important intent to help train those in a position to step in (such as bank employees) to help prevent it. 
  • Why San Francisco Is Considering Banning Facial Technology
    It is a powerful symbol that that city which often tries technological advancements first is considering passing legislation that puts some rules around how facial recognition can be used. Frankly it isn’t the robots that scare me, it’s the potential for misuse of facial technology that does. 
  • Crypto CEO Dies With Only Password To $190 Million: Fake Or Not?
    One of the biggest news stories of the week was about the 30-year old founder of a crypto exchange dying suddenly and taking the only password to $190 million of customer’s money with him. Did he fake his death? Is the money really lost? And perhaps most significantly, can any crypto currency independent of government survive this crisis of trust? 
  • 4 Trends From The Super Bowl That Explain Our Culture
    After watching the ads during the big game this past weekend, I couldn’t help but visit what I felt some of the best and worst ads of the night were, along with some trends that they reflected. You can read my recap and post from earlier this week through the link above.