• Japan Turns To Immigration To Solve National Demographic Crisis
    Can Japan find an antidote for their aging population crisis through immigration? The country is notorious for how difficult it is for outsiders to live and prosper, so it will be interesting to see if this new policy works.
  • The First Major US Copyright Expiration In 20 Years Is Here 
    Back in 1998 the US approved a copyright extension for 20 years, which just ended. As a result there is quite a bit of recognizable literature, music, and art that is now freely available. Visit the link above to see a list.
  • 6 Consumer Trends To Watch In 2019
    This is an article to wrote for the Australian Institute of Company Directors featuring a mix of trends from the 2018 and 2019 editions of the Non-Obvious Trend Report.
  • How Tesla Builds Its Model 3 – A Time Lapse Video 
    Amidst a week where Tesla has seen it’s share price decline after promising to lower prices, this highly engaging time lapse video of a Model 3 was a welcome change, show just how complex it is.
  • Why The Best New Years Resolution Is A Letter To Yourself 
    You will read plenty of stories about good new year’s resolutions and this was one of my favorite pieces of advice to simply write your future self a letter to help you stick to some of those resolutions.
  • The Odor Delivering VR Mask Is Here 
    As virtual reality gets more realistic and immersive, this VR mask featuring the ability to make smells to match an experience is an interesting idea that I personally can’t wait to try … hopefully with a VR experience that includes pleasurable smells.
  • Why People Love Anonymous Question Apps 
    Speaking of new years resolutions, one of mine is to make deeper friendships and get to know the people around me better – and so this article about how we question based apps can help us share more of ourselves with others was an interesting idea that I saved to share.