• Huawei’s New App Uses Sound To Let The Blind “See” Emotions
    Imagine an app that uses AI to read facial expressions and then translates the seven universal human emotions – anger, fear, disgust, happiness, sadness, surprise and contempt – into seven distinct sounds. Once it detects an emotion, it will play the sounds to allow visually impaired people to actually hear emotions. 
  • Facial Recognition App Remembers Names Of People You Forgot
    This app has a lot of privacy experts concerned because of the capacity for misuse, but it raises the interesting question of whether people should have a right to be anonymous while going to events or walking down the street .. whether the people nearby know your name or not.  
  • Is P&G Trying To Make Marketing Agencies Unnecessary?
    P&G has been one of the most ambitious with rethinking the traditional silos of marketing under the leadership of Marc Pritchard. This latest story about his experiments in creating “innovation startups” internally is interesting to read not only for what it might do within P&G, but for the signal it is sending to the rest of the marketing industry.
  • How The Iconic Periodic Table Could Have Looked
    Some week’s there are stories unrelated to the “news” which capture my attention and this was one of them about the interesting history of the now iconic period table of elements and some alternatives for how it could have looked instead. Worth a read if you happen to have some idle time waiting for your plane to take off as I had plenty of this week! 🙂
  • Netflix’s Black Mirror Movie Might Be Too Complicated To Pirate
    The widely discussed new film with multiple endings is creating a challenge for pirating websites to figure out how exactly to download and share the film illegally. It’s hard to know if Netflix anticipated this, but they may be creating a model with the film that others will follow not only to offer more involvement to the audience, but to also prevent piracy through the innovative format.
  • Remembering Herb Kelleher
    The iconic founder of Southwest Airlines passed away this week and so I thought it was fitting to share a link to this interview in tribute to him. He was a pioneer in every sense and listening to this interview with NPR’s Guy Raz is a great way to remember Kelleher’s legacy.