The truth can seem hard to find these days. One of my biggest challenges in putting this weekly email together to share with you is finding some perspective, particularly when it comes to Trump. As you might expect, many of the news sources that I subscribe to and use to compile this report are far too fixated on Trump dutifully reporting stories that stoke the exact outrage that benefits only him. Yet a big part of what I teach in my talks and workshops is the need for being more open minded and so I actively seek out alternate perspectives.

One way I do that is by watching analysis from Dilbert creator (and self-declared Trump evangelist) Scott Adams who wrote a book referring to Trump as a “master persuader.” This week Trump threatened to pull the US out of a 144-year-old global institution known as the Universal Postal Union, a move that was widely supported by many. For a story like this, reading multiple news sources on the same story may be enough to get the full perspective.

The point is – the only way to truly decipher the truth is by choosing not to be lazy. Read things you don’t agree with from more than one source. Consider that the person you hate might be capable of doing something right. And perhaps even relearn the ability to get angry without being blinded by outrage.

The interesting thing about anger is that it can be channeled. Rage, on the other hand, is usually just waiting for a chance to erupt.