Spy Testing, Open Source Furniture and How To Find A Pet Tha ...


I spent the early part of this past week thinking a lot about transformation as I spoke at the SocialMedia.org Winter Meeting in front of a group of strategists running social media for large brands. The theme, if there was one, seemed to be how to inspire more people around us (and especially our leaders!) to embrace

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Smog Tower, Sh*Thole Namibia, Chilean Fog Beer And How Kids ...


New Study Finds That Kids Are More Flexible About Gender Identity One of the trends my team and I uncovered and wrote about this year in Non-Obvious was “Ungendered” – a term that describes how our shifting definitions of traditional gender roles are leading some to reject the notion of gender completely. A new study

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7 Exciting Trends To Watch From CES 2018

bluetooth hair analyzer

In the first years of publishing my annual trend report, I used to wait until early in the year just so I could go to CES and incorporate some of the ideas and products from the show into my research. With the accelerated schedule of getting the report out by December, I end up forecasting

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