In a world that seems filled with bullshit, it is a voyeuristic thrill to see those all too rare moments when it all comes tumbling down. The article linked below from New York Post is one of those moments, as writer Maureen Callahan goes behind the scenes at the GOOP Health and Wellness Summit hosted by Hollywood celeb Gwyneth Paltrow as an extension of her often ridiculed ecommerce and lifestyle site GOOP. After spending a day at the event, Callahan dissects panels filled with pseudo-medical “experts,” questionably effective wellness products, and reveals the truth behind a wellness event that was big on Hollywood promise and short on actual substance.

Here’s just a short excerpt from the full article which is linked below and I highly suggest reading:

“As we rounded 5 o’clock, the final panel took the stage: Paltrow and her celebrity friends Cameron Diaz, Nicole Richie and Miranda Kerr. In the middle sat Tory Burch, the lone true businesswoman, and at times she looked ready to gouge her eyes out. Yet this was the only panel that transfixed the entire crowd, and it was clearly what they came for: the chance to see and hear Paltrow and her peers gush over each other’s fabulousness, marvel at how each of them does it all (with no nods to nannies, personal assistants, household staff, managers and agents) and reinforce the notion that every woman out there, if only they wish hard enough and buy enough GP-approved product, can be a member of her clique too, an inhabitant of her world — and there’s no denying that Gwyneth Paltrow is on her own planet. It’s one where those without more pressing concerns can leisurely embark “on a journey,” face “obstacles” that help them “remake paradigms” to create more authentic selves that, in turn, so generously make the world a better, more healing place.”

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