Today is my birthday, and in between taking some time off – I can’t help noticing which brands happen to send me emails today (of the many who have my birthdate on file).  The one from California Tortilla was easily the best of the group, so I thought I’d share it here (see below) – along with five reasons it was so good …

  1. Brand personality was great, quirky, and on brand for “CalTort.”
  2. Tempting product image makes you crave that free burrito right away.
  3. Limited offer that expires, so I need to act soon to redeem (but with a joke about the expiration).
  4. Clear and valuable gift of a free burrito instead of 10% off or some other more vague offer.
  5. Seamless redemption because the offer is preloaded onto my loyalty card so no coupon required.

Thanks CalTort for the gift – I’m looking forward to redeeming it soon!