It is Thanksgiving day and you’re probably thinking about food. Or spending time with family. But one thing you won’t be able to avoid is hearing about all the great retail deals. Thanks to early store openings and a relentless marketing machine promoting all the deals – there is a growing backlash against the commercialization of the holiday. No matter how you feel about it, the fact is that the “thankful” part of Thanksgiving has never been easier to forget.

So before celebrating and talking about all of the most powerful holiday marketing examples to learn from (which I am sure I will do for the rest of the weekend), I wanted to share something a little different today. We still live in a world where many children will not see their fifth birthday. To remind us of what’s really important, the International Children’s Fund brought this sad fact to life with this simple and powerful video:

Every three seconds the world loses a child. The International Children’s Fund helps those children in need, especially in Africa. This holiday season, the first “purchase” I’m making is to make a donation to help ICF with their mission of supporting those children that most need it at In terms of impact, it will probably be the best purchase I’ll make this holiday season.

NOTE – This performance was delivered by the boy’s choir Wuppertaler Kurrende.