One of the most basic premises of marketing is that you need to be able to articulate the consumer need that you are solving. The problem is that sometimes this need and your solution for it is a complex story to tell. Where marketing fails is when the process of describing this need and your solution gets too complicated. When it wins, you have something that I call “getability.”

Getability is simply how easy an idea is for someone to immediately understand without a whole lot of explanation needed.
When your marketing has getability, it means that it is simple, clear and memorable. This matters for good reason. Marketing that is complex or confusing rarely works. To help their getability, two brands in particular are using a technique that may be worth considering when promoting your product or service … they are giving an ownable name to the problem they solve.

IMB_Dyson_Buffetting The recent marketing from Dyson around their new Air Multiplier fan is one great example – it introduces the idea of “buffeting” and talks about how all fans except for the new Dyson buffet (or chop) the air before circulating it. I have no idea if buffeting is a real scientific thing or not. It sounds real enough, but that hardly matters. In an instant, as a consumer I understand not only what it is, but also how my life up until today might be less than optimal because of the buffeted air my fans are throwing on me. When I am ready to rid my life of unwanted buffeting, Dyson has the product for me.

IMB_Hanes_BaconCollar2 Hanes is also using this technique as part of their new campaign for their line of logically named “Lay Flat Collar T-shirts.” With Michael Jordan as their spokesperson, their TV ads show humorous situations where they point to a man who’s undershirt collar is all bunched up like bacon and refer to the phenomenon as “baconing.” I never heard the term before, and yet once again I understand immediately what it means. Baconing has getability and Hanes has solved the problem with their shirts. Now all I need them to do is find me a solution for the midbutton problem.