About six months ago, I created an ebook based on a surprising truth that I had uncovered in the year since my book had come out. Over that time, I received emails from many people talking about how they had found Personality Not Included to be useful in solving their own marketing challenges. Within them I noticed a trend … that the majority seemed to be coming from women. Clearly, I thought, the idea of using personality to stand out in business is an idea that somehow women entrepreneurs not only understand, but were also actively using intuitively.

Wanting to explore this a bit deeper – I invited 20 visionary women to each contribute a few paragraphs sharing how personality has helped them to achieve their personal success and what advice they might offer to up and coming female entrepreneurs about achieving similar success. That turned into the first edition of The Personality Project: Women of Personality, a free eBook which was released in April of 2009. Today, I’m proud to share the second edition of that ebook, with another 20 contributors bringing the total stories to 40. It’s still free and available for download at www.thepersonalityproject.com/wop2.

I am also embedding it below and if you follow the links to see it on Slideshare, you can get a downloadable PDF version:

I’m really proud of this effort and though I realize it is self serving in that it promotes the idea of personality in business that I wrote a book about – but the eBook is free and the ideas and stories in it are still very inspiring. If you enjoyed this ebook, please share the link to either this post or link to download it from the online page. I’ll also be compiling a list of links and mentions from the contributors and others below – so if you do happen to write about this or share it, please use the tag “wop2” or “wop” so I can easily find your post and include it here!

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