IMB_JosephKonyGraphic On April 25th, tens of thousands of people across the world “abducted themselves” as part of “The Rescue” in a show of support for the child soldiers that have been recruited over the past 20+ years as part of the conflict in Uganda and neighboring countries. The documentary has spawned several interesting real life advocacy events, and I have written about them before on this blog. What’s different this time around is that Twitter and Facebook have both become far more dominant as means of communication for many socially active people. “#therescue” was a trending topic on Twitter for much of the weekend and continues to stay in a the Top 5 spot even as the threat of #swineflu remains a hot online topic.

As I watched the video and thought about the marketing of this campaign, it was clear there are many lessons to learn from the web component of this campaign. Rather than share them in a blog post, I decided to put together a short presentation that you can download and share. As you take an inside look at some of the choices this campaign made to be successful, I hope you’ll consider not just supporting their effort, but passing this presentation to somone else who could benefit from the lessons, as well as spread the word about the campaign: